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Actions of Secretary-General in Cabo Verde, 21-23 January

Upon Monday, 23  January, their last day in Cabo Verde, the Secretary-General attended the opening of the Ocean Summit.   In his remarks, he noted that in the face of climate change and plastic material pollution, humanity has its own race to win — the race to protect the ocean for the future. The Secretary-General called on all to rescue the particular Sustainable Development Goals, including Sustainable Development Goal  fourteen, and become the champions the particular ocean needs.   (See Press Release SG/SM/21663 . ) Before departing Cabo Verde, the Secretary-General had a meeting with President José Maria Pereira Neves. In his remarks to the press afterwards, the Secretary-General noted that Cabo Verde can be on the front lines from the existential crisis generated simply by climate change, and in the last five years, has confronted a severe drought.   He said that he is significantly frustrated that global market leaders are not giving this life-or-death emergency the action and investment it requires. Upon arrival, he had an indoor virtual town-hall meeting with United Nations staff in Cabo Verde.   He then had a zwei staaten betreffend meeting with Ulisses Correia e Silva . The United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, accompanied by his husband or wife Catarina Vaz Pinto, arrived in Cabo Verde , from New York, upon Saturday afternoon, 21  The month of january, at the invitation of the Primary Minister, José Ulisses Correia e Silva.   He attended the Ocean Summit, which took place in Mindelo, on the island of Vem a ser Vicente, during a stopover of the Ocean Race. In the evening, the Secretary-General had taken part in the Prime Minister’s Speaker Series event. He then headed to the Sea Live Park , a site prepared for each of the Ocean Race stopovers.   Generally there, he briefly visited pavilions focusing on sustainability, protection of the ocean and educational programmes for children on environment. The particular Secretary-General departed Cabo Verde for New York on Mon afternoon, 23  January. The Secretary-General pointed out that the ocean supports the air we breathe, the meals we consume, the cultures and identities that define us, the jobs and wealth that sustain us.   The ocean is lifestyle, he stressed.   He emphasized that ending the ocean emergency is a race we must win, and by functioning as one, it’s a competition we can win, he stated. The following day, the Secretary-General visited the island of Santo Antão, where he saw first-hand how climate alter is impacting the population’s lives , and a task supported by the United Nations assisting implement environmentally friendly agricultural practices and protect food security .


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