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Women’s rights and LGBT+ movements in Africa and Asia: a rapid scoping review

Volume 2: Statement of need Published 2 February 2024
Volume 8: Letter and declaration to accompany proposals

What the fund will achieve

Volume 5: Draft grant agreement

  • The review will guide the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) to counter rights rollbacks, by developing and implementing of the Countering Rollback Workplan led by the FCDO’s Women and Girls Department.
  • Evidence Fund Manager: uk_evidence_fund_administration@pwc.com
  • where are the most significant gaps in global understanding of where and which organisations are operating, on what themes, and their effectiveness on reducing rollback across various themes?

How to apply

Volume 3: Application form The rapid scoping review (RSR) aims to understand the scope of these movements, identify their strategies and funding sources, and highlight research gaps. Volume 1: Call for proposals instructions and evaluation criteria The review should aim to cover: The purpose of this Evidence Fund evaluation is to rapidly review the research literature on feminist movements, women’s rights, gender justice, and LGBT+ organisations countering the rollback of rights in selected African and Asian countries. Volume 4: Grant budget pro formas Read the additional documents for more information about this call for proposals including how to apply. Volume 6: Evidence Fund conflict of interest policy what tactical and/or strategic approaches have these organisations and movements adopted to counter the rollback? How are these organisations and movements funded? To what extent have the effectiveness of these approaches on various themes been evaluated? what is the nature of women’s and LGBT+ rights organisations and feminist and gender justice movements involved in countering the rollback of rights in a range of selected countries? On what issues and themes are they most active?

Volume 7: Evidence Fund safeguarding policy


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