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UN Human Rights Council 55: UK Statement on OHCHR report on Ukraine

Russia must pay for the crimes it has committed. And the United Kingdom will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes. Ukrainians have been completely denied their own culture. Language, history, and even nationalities are being rewritten to reflect a distorted version of reality. Many Ukrainians living under Russian control have endured violence, Russification, and the suppression of their own identity. Thank you, Mr Vice President and good morning, Deputy High Commissioner. As your Office’s latest report highlights, we continue to see consistent violations of international human rights and humanitarian law committed by the Russian Federation in Ukrainian territory. Russia cultivates a climate of fear and surveillance as it can only rule through subjugation and control. But the Ukrainian people will continue to resist, and these communities will rebuild. Putin will not win. Ukraine will prevail. In parallel, in areas Russia has seized, the very foundations of Ukrainian society have been replaced by Russian systems which seek to quash rather than protect the rights of Ukrainian civilians.  It is clear from the Commission of Inquiry that Russia’s war on Ukraine has been underpinned by the systematic and widespread use of torture against Ukrainian prisoners of war and civilians.  Your Office’s latest report documents horrific sexual violence both inside and outside of detention.


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