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UN Human Rights Council 55: Statement on Occupied Palestinian Territories

There is a desperate need for increased humanitarian support. In Gaza, Palestinian civilians are facing a devastating and growing humanitarian catastrophe. Thank you. On 7 October, Israel suffered the worst terror attack in its history at the hands of Hamas. The impact of IDF operations on the civilian population is deeply concerning. Already, too many civilians have been killed. International Humanitarian Law must be respected by all parties and civilians must be protected. That is why we are calling for an immediate cessation – to get aid in and hostages out, then progress towards a sustainable, permanent ceasefire with no return to fighting. High Commissioner, thank you for your report and update. We need to avert this. We need the fighting to stop now. The United Kingdom continues to work intensively in support of a two-state solution that guarantees: security and stability for Israeli and Palestinian people; and two secure and sovereign states – Israel and Palestine.  We have trebled humanitarian aid in Gaza to over 60 million pounds sterling including a further £4.25 million support for vulnerable women and girls. As the occupying power, Israel has to make sure that humanitarian aid—including food, water and shelter—is available to civilians in Gaza. Mr President, we are committed to improving the lives of all Palestinians across the Occupied Palestinian Territories.


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