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The UK welcomes the EU’s commitment to championing multilateralism and tackling global challenges: UK statement at the UN Security Council

The EU’s recent announcement of 50 billion euros provides a vital pillar of international support to Ukraine. We will continue to work closely with the EU to support Ukraine and assist its long-term recovery and reconstruction.  President, let me highlight three areas in particular: The UK has long supported the EU-facilitated dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, and EUFOR Althea continues to play a vital role in securing peace and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Thank you President, I join others in thanking High Representative Borrell for his briefing. We also welcome the EU’s contribution to the design and development of safe Artificial Intelligence systems, including its support of the landmark Bletchley Declaration which will help deepen international coordination on AI. We welcome the EU’s Global Gateway initiative, including the ambition to leverage 150 billion euros between 2021 and 2027 for investments in transport, digital, climate and energy, health, education and research across the African continent. Mr President, by working together we can promote responsible multilateralism and act as a force for good in the world.
Thank you. Second, we recognise the EU’s support for the UN’s security work – running 24 EU peace and security operations across three continents. And closer to home, the EU plays an important role in promoting stability and prosperity in the Western Balkans. First, we recognise the EU’s efforts to address the challenges that will shape the 21st Century. The United Kingdom welcomes the EU’s engagement on African security, including in the Central African Republic, and in South Sudan, and its close cooperation with the African Union, in support of ATMIS.  This year, the Summit of the Future offers an important opportunity to reinvigorate a multilateral system, in which regional organisations play an important role. Third, the UK welcomes the EU’s strong support for Ukraine two years into Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion.  The United Kingdom welcomes the EU’s ongoing commitment to championing multilateralism, tackling global challenges, and assisting the work of the United Nations including the Security Council. We hope the EU will be able to continue its long-standing and generous financial support to the African Union and Somalia throughout Somalia’s security transition. In the Middle East, we welcome the EU’s ongoing support to the Palestinian people, and its efforts as we heard today, to address the humanitarian situation in Gaza. 


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