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Speech: Russia’s actions have left over 21.8 million people in humanitarian need: UK statement to the OSCE

When faced with immediate and overwhelming humanitarian need at such scale we can mistakenly forget the importance of tackling the actual drivers of insecurity and displacement. In this case, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. I commend the work of the OSCE’s autonomous institutions and their use of the OSCE toolbox to ensure prevention remains at the forefront of our minds and our work to help prevent further war in Europe. Thank you Mr Chair. Thank you, Mr Chair. On behalf of the United Kingdom, I would like to welcome Ms Gillian Triggs to the Permanent Council. Thank you for your insightful presentation. It is clear that the scale of the challenge is enormous. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (ODIHR’s last report on IHL violations in Ukraine recalled accounts of sexual violence – rape of a group of women, attempted rape, forced nudity, threats of rape by members of the Russian armed forces during occupation in Kyiv and Kharkiv regions. We know that sexual violence can be seen as taboo. We know it is underreported and that survivors may refrain from speaking out due to trauma and fear of stigmatization. The protection work of UK will co-host with Ukraine the Ukraine Recovery Conference to stimulate economic investment into Ukraine and build a better future for the Ukrainian people.


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