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Speech: Empowering MINUSMA to adapt is essential to building peacefulness and stability in Mali: UK Statement at the UN Security Council

Allow me to begin, Mr President, by underlining that the UK remains committed to supporting the people associated with Mali as we are doing through humanitarian stabilisation and growth aid, and as we have completed through our contributions in order to MINUSMA. The Malian individuals deserve the support of the international community to address the challenges they have faced in recent years. First, we go along with the Secretary-General that business as usual is no longer an option. The Mission cannot continue since it currently stands, with limitations hindering operations and without the entire cooperation of the host government. The safety and security of Peacekeepers is at stake, as well as the trustworthiness of the UN if it are not able to effectively deliver its require and uphold UN principles, including on human legal rights. Second, the four guidelines set out in the review are key for the continued viability of the Mission. We need to notice tangible progress on the politics transition and renewed dedication and dialogue on the Peacefulness Agreement, including a way ahead on DDR. We urge the Malian authorities to stick to the Status of Allows Agreement, ensuring freedom associated with movement for Peacekeepers, and we expect to see greater entry for the Mission to investigate human rights allegations. Chief executive, the Council should make use of this review to take stock from the challenges and ensure the Mission adapts, as needed, in order to remain effective in a changed reality. There is a short screen until the next mandate revival. Progress against the Secretary-General’s parameters will be essential if we are usually to empower MINUSMA to create a meaningful contribution to creating the peace and balance the Malian people should have. Thank you, President, and thanks SRSG Wane for your briefing. I join others in expressing our deepest condolences following the deaths of 2 MINUSMA peacekeepers in December; we salute the dedication of all personnel and condemn any kind of attacks on peacekeepers. I have three factors to make. In this context, we encouraged the publication of the Secretary-General’s report on the review of MINUSMA, and thank the Secretariat and the mission for all their efforts. Thank you. Because others have said, the report also confirms the particular presence in Mali from the Kremlin-backed Wagner Group. In this particular context, we need a hard consider the relationship with the UN mission and Malian forces. Third, Chief executive, we need to re-evaluate the assistance provided by MINUSMA to the Malian Defence and Security Makes. As the Secretary-General highlights, a number of military operations have been marred by allegations of infractions of human rights plus international humanitarian law.


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