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Smallholder farmers’ access to finance in low- and middle-income countries: a rapid evidence assessment

Volume 7: Evidence Fund safeguarding policy The Rapid Evidence Assessment (REA) aims to:

  • map the current financial landscape
  • assess the impact of finance on sustainable practices
  • identify gaps in the literature – setting the stage for future research, policy, and development programmes

Volume 4: Commercial pro formas

How to apply

Volume 8: Letter and declaration to accompany tenders

Volume 3: Application form Evidence Fund Manager: uk_evidence_fund_administration@pwc.com Volume 5: Pro forma contract Read the additional documents in the invitation to tender pack: The purpose of this Evidence Fund evaluation is to review existing research on smallholder farmers’ access to finance in low- and middle-income countries, with the goal of supporting their transition to sustainable agricultural practices. Volume 2: Programme terms of reference Volume 1: Invitation to tender instructions and evaluation criteria Email your technical and commercial proposal to the Evidence Fund Manager uk_evidence_fund_administration@pwc.com by 5pm GMT on 27 February 2024. Late bids will not be accepted. Volume 6: Evidence Fund conflict of interest policy


The initiative is driven by the need identified by the Sustainable Development Goals (goal 8) and the UK Strategy on International Development and the Africa Strategy.


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