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Report: Prime Minister thanks general public servants working over the festive season with surprise Christmas calls

  • In the UK to Mogadishu, Islamabad to the South Sandwich Islands, community servants will be working across the world this Christmas to protect one of the most vulnerable
  • PM surprises dedicated diplomats, military personnel and childcare providers with unpredicted calls to personally want them a Merry Xmas and thank them for their work
  • Pays tribute towards the work of UK embassies and Armed Forces across the world that have protected national interests in the toughest of conditions

Finally, the Prime Minister spoke to some of the crew of HMS Protector, which is currently deployed off the coastline of the South Sandwich island destinations, updating navigational charts using the latest sonar technology, supervising the retreat of glaciers and ice shelves, and supporting the British Antarctic Survey scientists by providing vital supplies and fixing any engineering issues. The top Minister heard how the shipmates are experiencing 20 hours of sunlight a day, and had seen whales, penguins plus endangered turtles during their application, as well as surveying underwater volcanos, and losing 7-1 to members of the Monserrat nationwide football team during a helpful game on shore. Alongside the FCDO Permanent Under-Secretary, Sir Philip Barton, and First Sea Lord Admiral Ben Important, the Prime Minister made surprise calls to diplomats within Pakistan, Somalia and Ukraine, as well as a Royal Navy deliver sailing in Antarctica. He told them the work of diplomats and armed forces this year, against a backdrop of such global instability, shown the very best of the United Kingdom abroad. Wondering about their Christmas programs, the sailors told the top Minister they had planned several celebrations between keeping view on the ship, including a fancy dress party and Xmas dinner for the ship’s company. The Prime Minister also called Svita Yavorska, who has spent the year working for the UK’s charge in Ukraine from Kyiv, Warsaw and now Lviv.   Svita told the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) how she had to run away to Poland following Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, before setting up the Embassy’s temporary base in Belgium. Svita also volunteered translating for refugees pouring within the border into Poland, plus helping them secure brand new homes. Svita has considering that returned to Lviv, Ukraine, to help set up a new UNITED KINGDOM base in the city. She is also working closely with humanitarian partners to get important UK aid into the nation. The Prime Minister told Svita how grateful he has been for her hard work, and mentioned the UK would continue to stand with Ukraine for as long as it took. And closer to home, the best Minister surprised Chris Mitchell who runs Smart Play, an award-winning government-funded Vacation Activities and Food programme in Barnet. The EVENING heard first-hand how Chris and the team are supporting vulnerable children across the area with fun activities and healthy meals throughout the school vacations.

The Prime Minister surprised public servants working around the globe this Christmas, calling these to personally thank them for his or her sacrifice and dedication within an unprecedented year of worldwide challenge. Speaking to diplomat Nic Guffog, who is based in Mogadishu, the best Minister heard how the dedicated foreign office staffer have been using her breather pauses and flights from the UNITED KINGDOM back to Somalia to bring in Christmas decorations for the UK’s diplomatic compound in Mogadishu. She told the Prime Minister how staff in Mogadishu were living in containers beneath the threat of terror attacks, and would spend Xmas supporting efforts to table the threat posed simply by Al-Shabaab and helping the particular Somalian government deal with the hunger crisis facing the nation.

And closer to home, anyone who has checked on friends and neighbours, volunteers, public maids and essential service staff members all working over Christmas – I am truly humbled by your dedication and I understand your selflessness this joyful season will spread cheer across the country. Whether you are working in Mogadishu or Milton Keynes this Christmas, I want you to know that I am personally grateful for your sacrifice. This year has been an extraordinary year for so many factors, but most of all, it’s been a year in which the true nature and resilience of the United Kingdom has been on show, through the support given to our Ukrainian friends, to the work getting done to ensure essential help reaches the most vulnerable overseas. Nic, who looks after the particular embassy compound in Eastern Africa, said the order for Christmas dinner needed to be placed in the spring, together recently arrived by container ship. This year’s celebrations were particularly special for your embassy after a Covid outbreak last year meant staff couldn’t sit together in the substance on Christmas Day. Nic hoped to add festive brighten this year with handmade Santa stockings and Christmas jumpers, despite the 40C heat, she added. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said: The Prime Minister also spoke to Sherwan Asif, from Pakistan, who has worked for the British High Commission in Islamabad for further than 12 years, plus was at the forefront from the United Kingdom’s response to the particular devastating floods that emaciated the country in June. Sherwan identified areas in vital need and ensured UK funding reached the most vulnerable.


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