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Press release: UK commits major new aid package to Turkey-Syria earthquake response

  • new UK aid funding announced today to support the earthquake recovery effort
  • the UK is building on support in response to needs on the ground and requests from the Turkish authorities, the UN and aid agencies in Turkey and Syria
  • support to Turkey and Syria includes deliveries of family tents and blankets, and ongoing deployment of world class UK medical and technical expertise

UK Minister for Development Andrew Mitchell said: As this evolving situation transitions from rescue to recovery, we are seeing thousands of families left homeless by the earthquake, packed into crowded tents or lined up in the streets queuing for hot meals. As the situation on the ground moves into in a new phase, from rescue to recovery, the UK is committing a further package of support to address urgent humanitarian needs in Turkey and Syria. The £25 million in new overseas aid will fund additional emergency relief, such as tents and blankets for families made homeless in freezing conditions, and the ongoing deployment of world-class UK medical expertise through the joint deployed a UK International Search and Rescue Team in Turkey, increased support to the White Helmets in north west Syria and rapidly delivered shipments of life-saving items such as emergency shelter, medical equipment and blankets. UK funding is helping the UN, International and NGO partners to ensure that aid reaches the millions in need, including 4.9 million who need cross-border aid in north west Syria following the devastating earthquakes.

The UK’s priority is to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches people who need it most and that is why I am pleased to announce this additional funding today, which will be so vital in ensuring those affected can begin to rebuild their lives. The joint MoDFCDO Field Hospital, which includes an emergency department, 24/7 operating theatre and accompanying medical staff, is providing lifesaving medical care working side-by-side with Turkish medics.


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