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Presentation: UK supports Ukraine’s effort for a just and sustainable end to this war

Russia offers spent that time bombing civilians, attacking Ukraine’s critical infrastructure, and attempting to seize Ukrainian territory –– as it did for most of last year. The ussr has continued to do this with the assistance of Belarus, and using weapons sourced from Iran and North Korea within violation of Security Authorities resolutions and with utter contempt for this Council. President, as many people have said repeatedly, Russia can choose to end all this instantly: by stopping its attacks against Ukraine – not only for thirty-six hours, however for good – and by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine. However like the rest of us, exactly what Ukraine wants is a simply and sustainable peace. All of us support Ukraine’s initiative to this end. As a result, hundreds of thousands more across the world are dealing with another year of hunger and hardship caused by Russia’s war. This is our first meeting upon Russia’s illegal invasion associated with Ukraine since the 9th associated with December last year. Many of us have spent the time since then relaxing, recuperating, celebrating with along with preparing for the New Year. We join the international community in once again calling for an end to the war, which respects Ukraine’s rights under international regulation and the UN Charter, to ensure that this year, may be a year of peace. While Russia’s assault proceeds, however , Ukraine has no option but to exercise its right to defend itself. Since the Secretary-General said yesterday, this war has created a humanitarian education and human rights catastrophe, traumatised a generation of children and accelerated the global as well as energy crisis. Thank you President. And I join others in thanking Under-Secretary-General DiCarlo for her briefing and welcoming among us L. E. Dzhaparova, the First Deputy Foreign Minister, and They would. E. Gerwel, Deputy Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) for Foreign Affairs. President, an incredible number of Ukrainians spent the holiday period sheltering from missile and drone attacks, sitting in the dark and the cold, and living as refugees, displaced people, and prisoners; many of them thousands of miles away from their homes, families and loved ones.


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