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Presentation: There is mounting evidence of war crimes committed by Russian forces: UK statement towards the OSCE

In addition – most people categorically condemn the evident theft and misuse associated with OSCE vehicles, which are getting reportedly used by Russia inside Donbas. As stated by the OSCE, the organisation has no personnel or vehicles deployed on eastern Ukraine – well-known Russia is well aware associated with. Russia should provide a entire explanation. We also remember our Special Monitoring Mission (SMM) colleagues currently in Euro detention. And we call once again on Russia for their fast release, and to cease violence and threats directed at an ancient SMM personnel. Many thanks Mr. Chair. I would love to share with Ukraine the particular UK’s sincere condolences adopting the tragic helicopter crash yesterday morning. As Russia continues to hit Ukraine’s cities, civilians plus critical infrastructure, we cannot forget those suffering across the front line and in the temporarily Russian-controlled territories. Similar to images from mainland Europe a century before, the pure destruction and dire humanitarian impact caused by Russia’s unlawful invasion is both shocking and appalling and we wished had been consigned to background. Basic human rights for those in the Russian-controlled territories proceeds on a depressingly downward pattern, with a lack of access to simple services – including thoroughly clean water and reliable energy supplies. Access to basic healthcare is woefully inadequate. Education aid is a vital your life line for survival numerous population – but it not able to reach everyone. The degrading conditions in these regions merely highlights the ineptitude, crime and disarray of the self-proclaimed Russian administrations. I also want to share our condolences regarding the dreadful loss of life caused by the Russian missile attack in Dnipro on Saturday. The ussr has no qualms and no mind about using such devastating and inaccurate weapons within residential areas. That is unforgiveable. Across not too long ago liberated areas of Ukraine, there is mounting evidence of war crimes committed by Russian are utilising whilst under their manage. We have seen hundreds of websites of evidence from companies such as ODHIR, UNOCHA and even UNICEF detailing Russia’s serious human rights violations and abuses: the use of sexual violence; forced movement of children; human judgements detention; torture; etc; and so on; etc . Finally, britain announced this week an expanded package of support available for Ukraine, to aid them into their fight for freedom, democracy plus victory. We will ensure this Ukrainian friends have the solutions needed to stop Russia’s lack of control, to end the pain and unhappiness being inflicted upon Ukrainians and to halt the strikes of Russia’s illegal incursion being felt around the globe ~ once and for all. The situation for those temporarily living under Russian control continues to be extremely difficult. Limited entry for international organisations helps prevent the full picture of Russia’s atrocities and human legal rights violations from emerging. Insidious policies to ‘Russify’ the people of these regions persists, along with land and property confiscated from Ukrainian citizens, whilst Russian nationals such as instructors, administrators and military households, are brought in. Opportunities pertaining to Ukrainians to leave these types of regions and travel west are rapidly diminishing. Numerous risk having to go through Russian federation, facing filtration and for those who pass through being unable to depart Russia once across the border. In Bakhmut, around 60 per cent of the city has been totally destroyed, with more than 90% from the population believed to have fled. Of those remaining, many are incredibly vulnerable and without access to simple services or humanitarian support. The damage in neighbouring Soledar is reportedly even more severe. It will take decades for these locations to recover from the devastation Russia has wrought upon them.


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