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Presentation: Russia’s brutal war coldly disregards OSCE principles and commitments: UK statement towards the OSCE

Bosnia and Herzegovina presumes the role just under eleven months following Russia’s unprovoked, premeditated and barbaric full-scale invasion of Ukraine. A good invasion which blatantly disregards the OSCE principles plus commitments that we all openly signed up to. An attack that the FSC must remain focused on, in defence of the values that underpin the collective security. Mister Chair, on Women,   Peace and  Security (WPS) – the women of Ukraine are yet another powerful reminder of how women’s full, similar and meaningful participation can support better outcomes. The UK’s new WPS National Plan of action, being launched early this year, will respond to the new global context, including Russia’s attack of Ukraine. Thank you plus welcome Deputy Minister Brkic, for clearly outlining your priorities as incoming Chair of the Forum for Protection Co-operation (FSC) this trimester. In response, we have seen a good out-manoeuvred and frustrated Russian military unleash horrendous violence on civilians and essential national infrastructure. Over the last four weeks, extremely heavy and attritional combating has continued, especially round the Donetsk Oblast town associated with Bakhmut, and in the much less reported-on sector of Kremina, in Luhansk. Russia’s horrendous missile strike on an residence block in Dnipro this past weekend killed over 40 people. It appears to have been executed using the Kh-22 anti-ship missile which is not optimised to strike ground targets precisely, especially in an urban environment. This is irresponsible and significantly increases the likelihood of disproportionate security damage. Russia knows this particular. It used the Kh-22 in the Kremenchuk shopping centre hit of 27 June a year ago. Either it does not care if this kills civilians, or it really is deliberately targeting them. Equally, we have to continue to highlight the impact of Russia’s brutal war of conquest against Ukraine. I wish to conclude by welcoming our co-workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina as FSC Chair this particular trimester. You can count on the UK to support you in protecting the integrity of this Community forum, its ability to fulfil the mandate, and to maintain the concentrate on Russia’s illegal invasion associated with Ukraine. We warmly desired Bulgaria to the FSC troika. I wish you, Mister Chair, dear Sinisa, as well as your able teams in Vienna and Sarajevo, and you Mouthpiece Minister, the best of luck. As we know, Bosnia and Herzegovina has resided the horrors of war and walked the path towards becoming a functional, reform-oriented, Euro country. The UK remains devoted to supporting this process – like a friend and ally, as well as a signatory to the General Platform Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Agreement remains an important milestone document that is vital to peace and security not only to Bosnia and Herzegovina but the whole region. They have also shaped the OSCE Field Mission’s crucial function. We will no doubt benefit from the encounter and the expertise of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the Safety Dialogues this trimester, which includes on: Small Arms, Light Weapons, and Stockpiles associated with Conventional Ammunition (SALW/SCA); the particular Code of Conduct; and on Mine Action. Thanks, Chair, dear Sinisa. I wish to start by offering my ardent condolences to Ukraine when you have lost their lives and have been affected by this morning’s helicopter crash. Mister Chair, no one can deny the Belarusian regime is an active supporter of Russia’s battle of aggression against Ukraine. However , Russia is progressively attempting to use Belarus in order to distract from its own problems. This includes the current Joint Russian-Belarusian air exercise, which aspires to highlight Belarusian support and divert attention. We all call on the Belarusian regime to recognise this, desist from supporting Russia’s attempts in order to stoke further regional instability and stop its support associated with Russia’s illegal invasion. Mr Chair, whilst the FSC paused over the wintertime period, our Ukrainian buddies could not. UK military support, with that of our partners, continued in earnest too. Upon Monday, the UK Defence Secretary announced the most significant package up to now, to accelerate Ukrainian achievement. Time and again, Ukraine has shown the result of agility and ingenuity.


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