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Presentation: Putin cannot distract through his failures: UK declaration to the OSCE

Those in the temporarily Russia-controlled areas are suffering just like deeply, with the situation in these regions deteriorating daily. Insufficient access to basic services, which includes safe water, and energy supply for heating, lighting and communication is endangering public health, already under strain from the lack of sufficient healthcare. As local financial systems decline and unemployment increases, many in these areas always rely on humanitarian aid intended for survival – access to that is often hampered by the Russian authorities. Putin falsely statements that these areas are element of Russia – yet, its proxy administrations are not even able to provide basic providers; on the contrary there are widespread reports of theft and looting by the Russian forces and people who claim to be in charge. Last Friday, Maksym – the seven-year-old boy from Kryvyi Rih – was orphaned when his parents Lyudmila and Oleksandr, along with his 18-month-old brother, Timofey, were killed when a Russian missile straight hit their home. It is difficult to argue that an apartment building, the home of two little males, could be a legitimate military focus on for Russian missiles. Maksym will be facing this, and every future Christmas season, with out his family, his living needlessly ripped apart simply by Russia’s horrific actions. His heart-breaking story is one of far too many across Ukraine. Considering that this Council last met, Russia has again resorted to its cowardly method of bombing Ukraine’s important national infrastructure, targeting the basic needs essential for the survival associated with Ukraine’s population. Last Friday, vital infrastructure across Ukraine, which includes in the cities of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kryvyi Rih and Zaporhizhzhia was targeted, once more leaving millions of Ukrainians with no heat, electricity and electricity in the dead of winter season. As we have stated many, many times – Putin has the ability to end this war. He or she must immediately cease episodes against civilians and civilian objects and withdraw his troops from Ukraine within adherence with the UN rental. But , until that happens, please know Mr Lukashuk, beloved Viktoria, and colleagues right here, that  the UK and the international community will remain steadfast in our support – for nevertheless long it takes – to make sure that the sovereignty, territorial condition, and the independence of Ukraine is fully restored. 300 days since the intrusion, there are no more lies Putin can hide behind in order to distract from his problems. The scale of reported atrocities and war offences committed against the Ukrainian individuals is horrifying, and proof continues to mount. The UK, and Ukraine’s partners, will not sit down by and do nothing whilst more Ukrainian families experience. This Monday, whilst meeting with some of Ukraine’s closest buddies and allies, my Perfect Minister pledged to match or exceed the £2. 3bn in aid for Ukraine that we provided this year. This individual also committed to supply Ukraine with ammunition and gear to continue its defence, reinforcing our steadfast support into 2023. Ukrainian children want nothing more than to reside their lives in peace plus freedom, with their families plus friends around them, exactly where they are not afraid of bombs falling from the sky, or forced to grow up in the shadow of a regime that seeks to destroy their very identity. According to UNICEF, Russia’s attacks on civilians and important infrastructure have left almost every kid in Ukraine at risk, dealing with a cold, dark wintertime with both their physical and long term mental health decreasing in numbers. Putin’s failed invasion has been a disaster, leading to the decimation of the Russian military and economy and the loss of tens of thousands of Russian lifestyles. Its impact has also been sensed around the world, with Russia’s activities threatening global food and power security and generating financial instability in countries thousands of miles from Moscow. This particular, however , pales by comparison towards the devastation, death, and suffering that Putin has wrought on the Ukrainian people plus their sovereign country. Thank you, Mr Chair. Allowed Mr Lukashuk, you have our support and admiration. This Tuesday marked the 300th day of Russia’s unprovoked and illegal invasion of Ukraine, supported by the Belarusian regime. Over these past three hundred days, President Putin’s alleged ‘Special Military Operation’ offers yet to achieve even one of its perverse objectives. This, despite Putin believing his military could take Kyiv within three days, and despite his claims he had no intentions to invade their peaceful neighbour.


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