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Presentation: Every child in Ukraine will have suffered due to Russia’s invasion: UK statement to the OSCE

Just three days later, Russia shelled residential areas in Kherson. According to local authorities, Russian assaults hit a bus place, post office, bank and home buildings. These buildings would be the fabric of everyday life, however ordinary Ukrainians are jeopardizing their lives to access basic services that we take for granted. In these attacks alone, three individuals were killed, and ten hurt. On the same day, a Russian missile hit an apartment building within Kharkiv. An elderly moms body was pulled through the rubble. Three others had been injured. And once again, once we meet today, we listen to reports of a missile strike on a civilian building within Kramatorsk, killing three and injuring eighteen. This vicious cycle has to stop. And as we know very well, children suffer disproportionately from lack of power, heating, and water caused by Ruskies attacks. Families have been required to use candles, gas burners and generators to have lighting and to keep their children warm. In the middle of winter. Their struggle is the result of one man’s choosing. It is not possible to confirm the exact number of children which have been direct casualties. But the Workplace of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) has verified that, since last month, Russia’s attack has killed more than four hundred children, and injured more than 800. The true toll is likely to be significantly higher. These figures document only some affects of Russia’s invasion. They cannot account for the childhoods which have been stolen – including kids who have endured sexual assault and other abuse. Or the children that have lost family members too early. Or the devastating and long-term impact on the mental health of this younger generation. Mr Chair, these days, a Russian court  is considering  the appeals of four Crimean Tatars who were imprisoned on politically motivated charges.   We stand in solidarity with Seytumer plus Osman Seytumerov, Amet Suleymanov and Rustem Seytmemetov.   Russia must cease laser hair removal immediately and release those wrongfully detained. Thank you so much Mr. Chair. As we collected in this Council last week, Russia had just launched the latest wave of bulk long-range attacks across Ukraine. The tenth such influx since October 2022. Nearby officials reported at least 11 people killed. The Ukrainian people have paid, and keep pay, an unconscionably higher price for their freedom as well as for their future. We are decided on help Ukraine to bring a swift end to this heinous war – to end the suffering of so many. And we will support Ukraine to ensure that Russia’s egregious human rights abuses and violations will not go unpunished and that the perpetrators of war crimes encounter justice. We will not stop until Ukraine prevails. Indiscriminate Russian attacks have destroyed countless schools and disrupted education, denying children vital structure and risking life-long consequences on learning. At the same time, many parents and caregivers are reluctant to send children to school due to basic safety concerns. Frequent power slashes prevent online learning. Within temporarily Russian-controlled areas, the Russia-imposed school curriculum advances disinformation and teachers are usually punished for teaching within Ukrainian. Each child in Ukraine will have suffered because of Russia’s attack. Hundreds of thousands of children have been pushed from Ukraine. Either fleeing to other countries of safety, or even through reported forced deportation and abduction by Ruskies armed forces – sometimes without their parents’ knowledge. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, Russian federation is violating fundamental child protection principles by giving Ruskies passports to unaccompanied child refugees. We are deeply worried by these reports. Mister Chair, I wish to focus my statement today on the terrible and long-lasting impact associated with Russia’s invasion on Ukraine’s children.


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