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News story: UK imposes further coordinated sanctions on Iranian strategy officials

Those sanctioned today, with the judicial figures using the loss of penalty for political closes to the thugs beating protestors on the streets, are at the very center of the regime’s brutal clampdown, dominance of the Iranian people. Entities: The united kingdom and our partners experience sent a clear message as a result of these sanctions that there can be no hiding place for guilty of the worst a persons rights violations. These sanctions, along with designations by the European Union as well as United States, demonstrate the international community’s unified condemnation of your horrific violence the Iranian regime is inflicting on its own people, including the execution for dual British-Iranian national Alireza Akbari.

  • Kiyumars Heidari, Leader in Chief of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Place Forces – Heidari offers you publicly admitted to their and his force’s involvement within the violent response to the Late 2019 protests that generated the death of at the very least hundreds of protesters, and he is constantly on the order the repression with protests today.
  • Hossein Nejat, Deputy Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) of Sarallah HQ : Sarallah is the division of your IRGC responsible for the security connected with Tehran, where we have witnessed some of the most brutal violence specialists Iranian people.
  • The Basij Resistance Force – Often the Basij force within the IRGC are mobilized by the plan leadership to enforce the particular brutal repression on the roads of Iran.
  • Salar Abnoush, Deputy Commander of the Basij –   Abnoush has got publicly described his command-and-control role over Basij draws and continues to lead his or her repressive tactics today.

Britain is placing further sanctions on regime officials throughout Iran today, including upon Deputy Prosecutor General Ahmad Fazelian.

Great britain has now imposed 50 fresh sanctions in response to human proper rights violations by the Iranian command since Mahsa Amini’s the demise and will continue to take a a comprehensive portfolio of actions to hold the command to account. Alongside the Prosecutor General in Iran, who the UK sanctioned last week, Fazelian is responsible for a judicial program characterised by unfair trials and egregious punishments, among them use of the death penalty to obtain political purposes. Last week Alireza Akbari tragically became an important victim of this brutal process.

Individuals: Foreign Secretary James Skillfully said:

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The list of sanctions imposed today also includes: These peine impose an asset freeze together with UK travel ban at the individuals sanctioned and send a wider signal over the UK’s commitment to support condemnation with action.

  • Basij Weight Force
  • The Basij Cooperative Foundation

The full list of those approved today is:

  • Ahmad Fazelian, Deputy Prosecutor General
  • Kiyumars Heidari, Commander in Fundamental of the Islamic Republic about Iran’s Ground Forces
  • Echar a perder Abnoush, Deputy Commander for the Basij
  • Qasem Rezaei, Mouthpiece Commander of the Law Enforcement Strain (LEF)
  • Hossein Nejat, Mouthpiece Commander of the Islamic Cutting edge Guard Corps (IRGC) for Sarallah HQ


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