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Medical repatriation companies in the UK

000 Medical Repatriation Ltd +44 (0) 333 772 2524 Worldwide Cost effective Air Ambulance. Commercial repatriation, Specialist repatriation road ambulances. 112 Ambulance Repatriation 01782 776110 Worldwide Chartered aircraft, air ambulances, road ambulances, management of patients with all illness and disabilities, 4×4 ambulances and specialist paramedics for all journeys. 1 Air Assist +44 (0)300 3021 371 Worldwide Assisting with all injuries and illness, mental health patients, care home residents, larger patient, palliative care, dealing with both seated and stretcher patients on commercial flights. 1 Call Medical Assist +44 (0)30 0302 1371 Worldwide Mental health crisis, care home residents, larger patient, palliative care, infectious disease, seated and stretcher commercial flights, specialist equipment and drugs, advanced life support and oxygen, security escorts, certified nurses, doctors and paramedics. 247 Aviation Air Ambulance Service +44 (0)28 9344 5956 Worldwide Jet aircraft ambulance operator, specialist services includes, but is not limited to, major trauma, spinal injuries, burns patients, obstetric (pregnancy and post-natal) care, psychiatry, coronary (heart) care, palliative (end of life) care, and bespoke management of passengers with pre-existing disabilities and special needs. AALS Medical Services Ltd +44 (0)33 3772 0685 Worldwide, excluding war zones Access to chartered private jet air ambulances and road ambulance. ABC Paramedic Services Ltd +44 (0)13 1229 8703 Worldwide Isolation beds, specialist flight beds/chairs/patient moving equipment, flight-friendly ECG machines, specialist patient monitoring equipment. All repatriation staff have completed specialist flight medicine course. A B Medical Services (UK) Ltd +44(0)3443100150 Worldwide excluding war zones Worldwide medical repatriation and Commercial airline medical escort services. CQC registered UK and European ambulance services. All injuries and illnesses. Healthcare Professional led offering tailored services. AD Medical Air Assist +44 (0)33 3015 0226 Worldwide excluding dangerous countries. All work considered Advance Medical Transport Services Ltd +44 (0)143 855 3072 Europe Cardiac, bariatric, oxygen, entonox, all frontline medication and equipment for paramedic-required journeys. Aeromed Transfer and Teach +44 (0)20 3633 8483 Worldwide, excluding war zones Stretcher and seated repatriation by commercial airline, specialist in-flight medical equipment and escorts. AFJ Limited +44 (0) 07551 956557/ 0121 689 1000 Worldwide Transport for Bariatric Patients and we have Paramedic trained staffs. Air Land & Sea Repatriation Service +44 (0)333 2102 999 Worldwide Specially fitted ground and air ambulances with full critical care medical fit. Airmedic International +44 (0) 333 772 3035 Worldwide We have logistical capability to create bespoke repatriation packages from anywhere around the world back to the UK. Ambulance International Scarborough Ltd +44 (0)74 9580 6362 Europe ITU/HDU equipped ambulances and rapid response vehicles, repatriation of patients with dementia, learning disabilities, bariatric patients and trauma patients. Ambulance Services 24 +44 (0)77 8444 7035 Europe Bariatric, high dependency and intensive care facilities, special needs and disability services. Amvale Scotland & Amvale Medical Transport +44 (0)800 695 1111 Worldwide ALS Emergency Ambulances crewed by fully qualified and insured paramedics and emergency medical technicians and a BLS service. Anvil Group +44 (0)203 325 5102 Worldwide Occupational health services, mental health services, pandemic services, medical evacuation, access to chartered private jet air ambulances, medical staff escorted repatriations on commercial flights. All work considered. Bevamed +44 (0)79 4437 3341 Worldwide including volatile areas Access to specialist equipment. Beverley Ambulance Service +44 (0)13 7782 1125 Europe Bariatric for overweight patients. BM Ambulance Service +44 (0)1233 273 999 Europe Bariatric, dementia, stroke, mental health. Capital Air Ambulance +44 (0)1392 350 020 Worldwide Full adult and neonatal ICU capability, commercial repatriations worldwide with specialist equipment and escorts, UK bed admissions, ground ambulances and designated air ambulance aircraft. Charles Taylor Assistance +44 (0)1243 621 107 Worldwide Access to specialist equipment. CLCA AeroMed +44 (0)800 999 4003 Worldwide UK based specialists in the medical transporting of sick and injured patients. Codeblue Medical +44 (0)20 3835 8486 Europe International road based and escorted commercial air repatriations with bariatric and critical care capabilities. Staffed by paramedics, nurses and doctors. Also available to assist aeromedical organisations with road ambulance provisions from UK and Irish ports and airports. Collinson Group +44 (0)1444 442 443 Worldwide Global aeromedical repatriations solutions and medical case management to enable safe repatriation. Criticare UK Ambulance Service +44 (0)844 351 0684 Any excluding warzones Mental health transport and bariatric. EAS Wales +44 (0)29 2013 0457 Europe Multiple 4×4 vehicles including a front line 4X4 ambulance accessing anyone in most terrains or areas. Elite Medical and Ambulance Service Ltd +44 (0)1323 846 399 Worldwide Pressure-relieving mattress for ground repatriation, full range of medicines, advanced life support and oxygen, 4×4 vehicles. EMS Ambulance Service +44 (0)15 3567 0648 Worldwide Involved in the UK leg of overseas repatriations, ambulances are forward-facing stretchers, fully-equipped advanced life support land ambulance transport across Northern England and Scotland. ER Systems Global +44 (0)14 5426 0138 Worldwide subject to risk Medical repatriation and mental health. Essex Ambulance Service Ltd +44 (0)1279 800 024 Europe Bariatric capable, HDU, paramedic crews, fully-equipped A&E ambulances. Evolo Medica Ltd +44 (0)122 587 1071 Worldwide International aeromedical repatriations and medical case management. Flightnurse +44 (0)1228 737 988 Worldwide, excluding war zones Advanced life support, stretcher cases, portable oxygen concentrators. FlyMeNow Ltd & YorMed Ambulance Service +44 (0)20 7100 9000, +44 (0)1904 819 018 Worldwide Intensive care aeromedical capabilities, adult and paediatric care, ground transportation services, commercial medical escort services. Healix International +44 (0)20 8481 7735 Worldwide Support for all types of specialist cases. Hearts First Ambulance Service Ltd +44 (0)1923 894 212 Worldwide Bariatric/ITU/HDU/paediatric ambulance transfers, NHS and private hospital bed admissions services, medical escort repatriation services on commercial flights, specialising in long-distance road repatriations in bespoke custom-built ambulances. IAS Medical +44 (0)800 7999 900 Worldwide Services and specialist equipment set up for adults, paediatric and neo-natal medical transfers including intensive care patients. Inter-County Ambulance Service +44 (0)1753 892 999 Europe and working with air ambulance companies for global repatriation. Bariatric patient transfers, all ambulances are advanced life support, carrying oxygen, entonox, suctioning equipment and drugs for paramedics and technician transfers LifePak 15 and LifePak 12. IPRS Aeromed Ltd +44 (0)1293 691 050 Most countries except those embargoed Hires specialist equipment from trusted suppliers. LS Medical +44 (0) 1256589667, 07718913710 Worldwide excluding war zones Bariatric, paediatrics, neonates. Med ResQ +44 (0)208 706 0810 Worldwide excluding war zones Flight medics carry comprehensive, specialist flight medical kits and ALS drugs and equipment, air ambulances are fully ICU equipped. Medical and Rescue + 44 (0)1784 637 999 Worldwide excluding war zones Access to most equipment required for medical repatriation. Medical Repatriations +44 (0)7710 782 789 Worldwide Access to most equipment including seated/stretcher repatriation doctor/nurse escorts, oxygen in-flight equipment. Medicore Ambulance Service Ltd +44 (0) 333 002 1999 Worldwide Bariatric/ITU/HDU/Paediatric ambulance transfers, NHS & Private hospital Bed admissions services and medical escort services on commercial flights. MED-PTS Ambulance Services +44 (0)333 301 9991 Worldwide Access to medical equipment and vehicles and bariatric and high dependency. MET Medical Ltd +44 (0)203 627 9042 Worldwide Specialist experience in relation to highly-contaminated or infectious patients and patients contaminated with chemical or nuclear material and bariatric transfers. My Med Flight +44 (0)808-134-7765 Worldwide including volatile areas Does not provide repatriation services itself but is an umbrella organisation which can connect you to a global network of medical air transport providers (both air ambulance and commercial medical escort providers). Gathers air ambulance and medical escort quotes and availability directly from quality vetted providers, at no charge to the patient/client. Nursdoc International +44 (0)330 555 5000 Any country the FCDO has deemed safe to visit. Access to specialist medical professionals Patient Focused Ambulance 07584 136107, 01245 377229 Road repatriation from Europe Bariatric patients and paramedic and specialist paramedic services. Phoenix Medical Services +44 (0)800 999 2447 Europe HDU ambulances Platinum Ambulance Service +44 (0)7855 761 653 Worldwide Bariatric/ITU/HDU/paediatric ambulance transfers, NHS and private hospital bed admissions services, medical escort repatriation services on commercial flights, specialising in long-distance road repatriations in bespoke custom-built ambulances. RAMSS +44 (0)345 200 2551 Worldwide Ground transport ambulances, working with air ambulance providers. SkyCare Repatriation +44 (0)203 150 3999 Worldwide Medical air ambulance repatriation. Fixed wing with HDU and ICU capability, repatriations worldwide with medical team. UK bed admissions, with 60 ground ambulances. Full airside transfers. Sky Angels Air Ambulance +44 (0)844 318 0999 Worldwide Specialist aircraft preferred partnership programme with other specialist air ambulance providers across the world, medical escort service with airlines. Special Ambulance Transfer Services Ltd +44 (0)20 3375 6012 Worldwide Intensive care, neonatal, paediatric. Specialist Rescue Group +44 (0)20 3670 1885 Worldwide Access to specialist equipment including air medical repatriation and escort. Twins Medical Services +44 (0)143 855 3072 Worldwide Fully-equipped ambulances and staff for critical care, intensive care, high dependency, long distance and emergency blue light transfers. UCS Medical 0330 223 6702 Worldwide Bariatric/ITU/HDU/paediatric ambulance transfers, NHS and private hospital bed admissions services, medical escort repatriation services on commercial flights, specialising in paramedic led, long-distance road repatriations in bespoke ambulances. Mental health secure transfers and other associated mental health services. V Care 24 +44 (0)800 599 9161 Worldwide Specialising in the transportation of mental health patients and minor medical health-related issues. Western Medical Services +44 (0) 1626 245 999 Worldwide Land transfers and flight medics Weston Aviation +44 (0)1452 933 698 Europe Private Charter Aircraft for Medical Repatriation, 24/7 Customer Service, Medical Aircraft Ground Handling, Helicopter Air Ambulance Transfers UK. Pandemic Services and group repatriation. William Russell Ltd +44 (0)1276 486 466 Worldwide apart from the US 24-hour medical assistance helpline, travel expenses of a companion, accommodation expenses of a companion, evacuation for advanced diagnostics or cancer treatment. ZOT Ltd +44 (0)203 971 1001 Worldwide Commercial stretcher flight


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