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Iraq has the potential to play a strong stabilising role in the region: UK statement at the UN Security Council

First, we commend the progress being made by Iraq across the breadth of political and economic issues set out by the Special Representative. UNAMI’s contribution to that progress is deeply valued by the United Kingdom. We look forward to discussing the outcome of the Strategic Review being led by Volker Perthes and the future shape and function of UNAMI, in discussion with relevant parties, including of course the sovereign state of Iraq.   Third, we congratulate Iraq on holding its first provincial elections for a decade. We look forward to the holding of elections in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq without further delay and encourage all relevant actors to take steps to ensure necessary preparations are made to ensure they are free, fair and timely. We hope a sustainable outcome on the transfer of budget allocations from Baghdad to Erbil can be agreed and we encourage relevant political parties to play a constructive role to support that. I thank you. Finally, Madam President, we welcome the Special Representative’s update on missing Kuwaiti and third-country nationals and missing Kuwaiti property and reiterate the UK’s commitment to the work of the Tripartite Commission. We urge further progress to resolve this long-standing issue. In closing, can I express the UK’s sincere thanks to you, Special Representative, for your outstanding work in Iraq since 2018 and we commend your powerful and hopeful words as you depart about the future of a stable and prosperous Iraq. Second, Iraq has the potential to play a strong stabilising role in the region. To do so, it is critical that its territory not be used by Iranian proxies to destabilise the region. We offer our condolences to the families of those killed in Iran’s 15 January strike on Erbil. We urge Iran to deescalate tensions in the region. We reiterate our commitment to the Global Coalition against Daesh, which operates within Iraq at the invitation of the Iraqi government, as well as our commitment to a secure and sovereign Iraq. Let me start by thanking the Special Representative for her briefing, and for the important work of the UN Assistance Mission in Iraq. I would like to highlight three points of particular importance for the UK. Thank you, Madam President, I would like to welcome the representatives of Iraq and Kuwait to the chamber. 


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