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Guidance: Living in Barbados

Ask the kind of tax authority your questions regarding double taxation relief. Read guidance to get travelling by road in Barbados. If your child offers British nationality,   you do not need to register the birth with all the UK  authorities to apply for a British passport. If you have been the particular victim of a rape or even sexual assault in Barbados, read the guidance on what to do  and where to get support  in cases of rape and sexual  assault. See further assistance for victims of rape and sexual assault overseas. If you get a ‘life certificate’ from the UK Monthly pension Service, you must respond as soon as possible. Your payments may be suspended should you not. This information is provided as a guide only. You should get definitive information from the Barbadian authorities. The Foreign, Earth & Development Office (FCDO) is not liable for any inaccuracies in this information.

Before going

If your child is born within Barbados you should register the particular birth with the local authorities. You may then register with the UK regulators and apply for a UK delivery certificate.


British nationals may be entitled to UK benefits while residing in Barbados.

Visas and residency

To stay up to date: follow the British High Fee Barbados on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

Passports and traveling

Learn general guidance on moving or retiring abroad. Check the entry requirements for Barbados in our travel advice.

Healthcare in Barbados

You must ensure you possess private healthcare cover intended for Barbados. Check the Barbados listing of medical practitioners. To find full details about getting married in Barbados, go to the Barbados govt website.

See our travel suggestions for Barbados for up-to-date information on entry requirements, local laws and customs, basic safety and emergencies. See also the Overseas Business Risk Country Guide for Barbados.


Find a list of Barbados lawyers. There are a number of banks in Barbados and advice should be kind sought directly from them on how to open an account. You are likely to be asked to produce a reference from the UK bank.

Working in Barbados

UK Travel insurance providers will not generally include your healthcare costs in case you live overseas. This guide sets out essential info for British citizens shifting to or living in Barbados. Read about how our High Commission in  Bridgetown Barbados can help.

  • a detailed cover letter from the possible employer
  • C-3 Application form (in duplicate)
  • 4 passport-sized photos
  • a Certificate of Character from the Police of each nation which you have lived for at least 6 months in the past 3 years
  • a copy of the bio-data web page of your valid passport

You can also read guidance if you wish to take your vehicle along with you.

Learning in Barbados

If you retire within Barbados, you can claim your own UK State Pension or even new UK State Pension check. Contact the International Pension check Centre for further information. Many income-related benefits like Pension Credit and Housing Benefit cannot be paid should you be abroad for more than four weeks.


You can find more information about applying for a impaired ‘parking ID’ in Barbados through the local council website. Support for British Nationals Abroad: Tips sets out how British nationals can stay safe abroad and how the FCDO can assist if you do get into difficulty. See buying a property abroad. If you’re asked for a notice authenticating, certifying or validating your UK driver’s licence, you should contact your UNITED KINGDOM issuing office (eg the particular DVLA).

Read guidance on:


The UK has a double taxation agreement with Barbados to ensure that people usually do not pay tax on the same income in both countries. Follow the advice from the Barbados government and your local authority. There are currently no Coronavirus restrictions for emerging travellers, but you should also browse the Barbados travel advice for that current situation. If you have a UK Blue Badge plus live in Barbados, you must come back it to the original UNITED KINGDOM issuing authority. Read State Pension assistance if you have lived in Australia, Canada or New Zealand and you are claiming or waiting in order to claim your UK State Pension.


Find a attorney in Barbados. There is no reciprocal health care within Barbados.

Lifestyle certificates for UK State Pensions

Contact the relevant higher education provider in Barbados to check what fees you have to pay.

Money and banking

You may be able to apply for a short term or a long term work enable. You will have to pay a charge for your work permit.

Accommodation and purchasing property

See the guidance on returning to the  UK  permanently which includes information on bringing family members, tax and access to services.

Driving in Barbados

Some non-nationals may have the suitable to vote in Barbados elections. Check if you can election in Barbados. The UK basic state pension is payable in Barbados. Contact the International Pension Centre for more information on having your pension in Barbados. Find out how you can get married or get a civil partnership abroad. When someone dies in Barbados read our guidance:

Disabled drivers

Read the guidance on what actions you must do to drive legally in Barbados. You should buy a license online. You can also read general guidance about driving overseas. If you’re the victim of the crime, have been arrested, or even are affected by a crisis,   get in touch with the British High Percentage Bridgetown on +1 246 430 7800


You may be capable to vote in some UK elections. You can: If you are planning to move in order to Barbados and work, you might need a visa. See the Barbados government’s guidance on working in Barbados like a foreign national and how to get a visa.

Births, deaths, relationship and civil partnership


If you wish to provide a pet to Barbados, notice these general guidelines. Check which UNITED KINGDOM benefits you can claim whilst abroad and how to claim them.


If you are on a prescription for any medication you should ensure you possess a supply of it, or have the ability to obtain it when in Barbados. Certain medicines may not be available in Barbados (including big companies readily available in the UK), and you may be prohibited from acquiring them into the country. You should consult your GP prior to travelling to Barbados to find out about what other medication.

Marriage and civil partnership

You can apply for or renew your British passport through Barbados. Read the assistance with international parental child hold if your child may be in danger of this.


You should get professional advice on paying taxes in Barbados.


Read the guidance if you need to travel with medicines.

Information for British citizens moving to or living in Barbados, including guidance on health, education and residency. To apply for a job you may need to provide: Check the Barbados travel advice for passport validity requirements. Call 211 for your police, ambulance or fire brigade
Call 1 (246) 430-7100 for the law enforcement
Call 211 in order to report a missing child

Returning to the UK

If you plan to study in Barbados, you must satisfy all visa requirements before you travel. Read these from Barbados Immigration.


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