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Guidance: Living in Azerbaijan

If you need emergency medical assistance in Azerbaijan, dial 103 and ask for an ambulance. You should contact your health insurance company promptly if you are referred to a medical facility for treatment. If you are on a prescription for any medication you should ensure you have a supply of it, or are able to obtain it when in Azerbaijan. Certain medicines may not be available in Azerbaijan (including major brands readily available in the UK), and you may be prohibited from taking them into the country. You should consult your GP before travelling to Azerbaijan to find out about any alternative medication. Read general guidance on moving or retiring abroad. Your employer can apply for a permanent residence permit for you after 2 years on a temporary permit. If you hold a UK Blue Badge and live in Azerbaijan, you must return it to the original UK issuing authority.

Before you go

Read guidance on entitlement to UK benefits and pensions while you are living in Azerbaijan. Support for British nationals abroad guidance sets out how British nationals can stay safe abroad and how the FCDO can help if you do get into difficulty. If you are temporarily or permanently resident in Azerbaijan, after 1 month of your residence permit being issued you will only be able to drive with an Azerbaijan-issued driving licence. Driving licences are issued through ASAN Service Offices. You should get professional advice on paying tax in Azerbaijan. Find an English-speaking lawyer in Azerbaijan.

Visas and residency

The currency of Azerbaijan is the manat (AZN). All goods and services are paid in local currency. Pounds sterling, US dollars and euros are easily exchanged. Major hotels, supermarkets and restaurants in Baku usually accept credit cards. There are ATMs in most major towns and cities. Check the entry requirements for Azerbaijan in our travel advice. If you are a resident in Azerbaijan, your passport must be valid for a minimum of 3 months from the expiry date of your temporary or permanent residence permit. The UK has no social security agreements with Azerbaijan.

Applying for temporary and permanent residence

British nationals travelling to Azerbaijan require a visa in advance. This also applies if you are travelling to live in Azerbaijan. Drink driving laws are strict and there is a zero limit on drinking alcohol and driving. Observe the speed limit and make sure you have adequate insurance. You can apply for or renew your British passport from Azerbaijan. If a UK national dies in Azerbaijan, read our guidance on:

UK Emergency Travel Documents

In Azerbaijan, work permits are issued for an initial period of 1 year.  Permits can be renewed in 1-year increments. To extend your work permit, your employer should submit an application to the State Migration Service at least 30 days before it expires.

Passports and travel

For more information email the State Migration Service info@migration.gov.az or visit the State Migration Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan website. If you are not employed, we recommend you to buy private health insurance in Azerbaijan. You can read more about how to apply for a visa, and what to do if you overstay, on the Azerbaijan travel advice.

Healthcare in Azerbaijan

Birth, death and marriage certificates are issued in Azerbaijan in the Azerbaijan language. You may also need services of: Read guidance: Disabled motoring. Many income-related benefits such as Pension Credit and Housing Benefit cannot be paid if you are abroad for more than 4 weeks. If you are staying in Azerbaijan for longer than 15 days you must register with the State Migration Service within 15 days of arrival, in person or online. Hotels may provide this service for their guests, but if you are staying in an apartment or private residence you will have to register yourself. You are responsible for ensuring that the registration has been completed. There are a variety of taxi options available in Baku including private hire, app-based, and metered cabs. Some residents have reported being over-charged by local taxis. When using taxis you should agree a fare up front, or make sure the taxi meter is switched on. You should also check that the taxi has working seatbelts. Medical facilities outside Baku are limited. You should carry a comprehensive first-aid kit for any trips out of Baku. If you are seriously ill or injured, you may need evacuation to Turkey or Western Europe. Make sure your private health insurance covers this. Read general guidance on driving abroad. Read our travel advice for Azerbaijan for guidance on what actions you must take to drive legally in Azerbaijan.


Email: info@fhn.gov.az Foreign nationals can buy property in Azerbaijan, but not land. You should seek professional advice from a qualified English-speaking lawyer in Azerbaijan before buying a property in Azerbaijan.

Working in Azerbaijan

See our travel advice for Azerbaijan for up-to-date information on entry requirements, local laws and customs, safety and emergencies. This guide sets out essential information for British citizens moving to or living in Azerbaijan. Read about how our UK Embassy in Baku can help. If you have been raped or sexual assaulted in Azerbaijan, read the Azerbaijan: information for victims of rape and sexual assault. See also the guidance on victim of rape and sexual assault abroad. For guidance for travelling by road in Azerbaijan read our travel advice and Taking a vehicle out of the UK.


Offices for Medical Certificates

Studying in Azerbaijan

If you plan to reside temporarily in Azerbaijan, you must apply for a permit with the State Migration Service of Azerbaijan. If you need to apply for your child’s first British passport from Azerbaijan, read guidance on overseas passports.


You must ensure that you have health cover for Azerbaijan. You can find a list of medical facilities in Azerbaijan. Read the guidance if you need to travel with medicines. If you are employed in Azerbaijan, check with your employer if you are covered by state or private health cover.


You should check with your airline as to the requirements for transporting pets to Azerbaijan. It is likely they will need to have a veterinarian health certificate to enter the country. Some details as to limitations on size and weight of pets being brought to Azerbaijan is on the Azerbaijan government webiste. If you’re the victim of a crime, have been arrested, or are affected by a crisis, contact the British Embassy Baku. Contact the relevant higher education provider in Azerbaijan to check what fees you are required to pay. Ministry of Emergency Situations


You must apply for a permanent residence permit at least 3 months before the expiry date of your temporary residence permit. A permanent residence permit is issued for 5 years. You can extend this for another 5 years at least 3 months before the expiry date of your current permit. There is no limit to the number of extensions you can make. Work permits are issued by the country’s State Migration Service and an application is generally made through an employer. For further information, see the State Migration Service website. All foreigners working and living in Azerbaijan are required to have both a valid work permit and temporary residence permit, which are usually arranged through an employer. People working in the country without a permit, after one has expired, or who have breached the terms of their employment contract are considered to be illegal migrants.

Life certificates for UK State Pensions

Read the guidance on returning to the UK permanently which includes information on relocating family members, tax and access to services.

Money and banking

Check the latest information on risk from COVID-19 for Azerbaijan on the TravelHealthPro website. If you plan to study in Azerbaijan, you must meet all visa requirements before you travel. Read the official guidance for students wishing to study in Azerbaijan for more information on visas.

Accommodation and buying property

Follow the advice of the Azerbaijani government and your local authority. You should also read the Azerbaijan travel advice.

Driving in Azerbaijan

Read the guidance on international parental child abduction if your child may be at risk of this. Check the Azerbaijan travel advice for passport validity requirements. Hotline Tel: 112
57 Moskva avenue

AZ1065, Baku
Tel: (012) 512 12 26 / (012) 512 12 61
Fax: (012) 512 12 62 / (012) 512 12 63
This information is provided as a guide only. You should get definitive information from the Azerbaijani authorities. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is not liable for any inaccuracies in this information. Foreigners and stateless persons temporarily residing for at least 2 years without interruption in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan on the basis of a relevant permit can submit an application to obtain a permit for permanent residence in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Two continuous years means that you have not left for more than 90 days within 180 days. This does not apply if you were  granted a temporary residence permit as a family member of a UK national with a temporary residence permit. Check which UK benefits you can claim while abroad and how to claim them. If your child is born in Azerbaijan you should register the birth with the local authorities. You can then register with the UK authorities and apply for a UK birth certificate.

Disabled drivers

If you are asked for a letter authenticating, certifying or validating your UK driver’s licence, you should contact your UK issuing office (eg the DVLA) If you get a ‘life certificate’ from the UK Pension Service, you must respond as soon as possible. Your payments may be suspended if you do not.


See the RAC guide on driving in Azerbaijan.

Births, deaths, marriage and civil partnership


Read the Money and Pension Service’s Money Helper guidance on pension and retirement for more information on cross-border pensions. You cannot vote in Azerbaijani elections. You may be able to vote in some UK elections. You can: Read guidance on:


If you retire in Azerbaijan, you can claim your UK State Pension or new UK State Pension. Contact the International Pension Centre for further information.

Marriage and civil partnership

If you’re moving to Azerbaijan and plan to bring your pet, you must read the guidance and ensure you comply with the regulations: Taking your pet abroad. See also our Overseas Business Risk guide for Azerbaijan for information on security and political risks, which UK businesses may face in Azerbaijan.


UK travel insurance providers will not generally cover your healthcare costs if you live overseas. Take extra care when paying with credit cards or withdrawing money from ATMs and let your credit/debit card provider know where you’re residing next to avoid your card being blocked for anti-fraud reasons. Report anything suspicious to your credit/debit card provider as early as possible. If you suspect you have been a victim of credit card fraud you can find guidance from the UK Card Association.

Emergencies (phone numbers)

  • Fire 101
  • Police 102
  • Ambulance 103
  • Gas 104
  • Electricity 199
  • State Migration Service 919
  • Child Helpline (012) 480 22 80(050) 680 22 80

Read State Pension guidance if you have lived in Australia, Canada or New Zealand and you are claiming or waiting to claim your UK State Pension. The UK has a double taxation agreement with Azerbaijan so that you do not pay tax on the same income in both countries. Ask the relevant tax authority your questions about double taxation relief.

Find out how you can get married or get a civil partnership abroad.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations is responsible for certain emergency situations, including natural and man-made disasters. To stay up to date: follow the British Embassy Baku: UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are accepted for entry, airside transit and exit from Azerbaijan. If your child has British nationality, you do not need to register the birth with the UK authorities to apply for a British passport.

Returning to the UK

Azerbaijan and the UK do not have reciprocal healthcare agreements. Azerbaijan has both state and private healthcare facilities.


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