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Guidance: Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme Pathway 3: eligibility for British Council and GardaWorld contractors and Chevening Alumni

There are additional safe and legal routes for people to come to the UK, for example should they wish to join family members here, or for work or study. These people would need to meet the relevant Immigration Rule requirements that they were applying under. This would enable them to qualify for a visa, meet the requirements to provide biometrics, and pay the relevant fee (or obtain the necessary waiver). Find out more about the criteria and how to apply to come to the UK. Pathway 1 is for people evacuated or called forward under Operation PITTING, the UK military evacuation from Afghanistan. Pathway 2 is for UNHCR (The United Nations Refugee Agency) referred refugees who had fled Afghanistan. After the first year of Pathway 3, the government will work with international partners and non-government organisations to welcome other groups of Afghans who are at risk. Further information will be shared as soon as it is available. If you have submitted an Expression of Interest form, the FCDO may contact you to provide further information.

Eligibility for consideration under Pathway 3 of the FCDO Privacy Notice for this scheme. We may need to share your data with third parties including the British Council, GardaWorld, Home Office, and relevant academic institutions, to verify it.

If you move somewhere that is outside Afghanistan and its neighbouring region, this could affect your eligibility for a place in the first year of Pathway 3. The Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme (Afghan Citizens Resettlement Scheme GOV.UK page.

This guidance refers to the first year of Pathway 3 of the general guidance on support for people in Afghanistan.

If you move country after submitting an Expression of Interest

Before you are offered a place on the UN Refugee Convention and the European Convention on Human Rights. However, our Immigration Rules do not provide for someone to apply to come to the UK to seek asylum, temporary refuge, or humanitarian protection. Whilst we acknowledge the situation in Afghanistan is complex, the UK is not required to consider asylum or protection claims from the very large numbers of people overseas who might like to come to the UK to resettle. People who need international protection should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach – that is the fastest route to safety. Until the necessary security checks have been completed, a referral is not confirmation of a place on the ACRS. The FCDO will contact you to confirm whether you are being referred to the Home Office for resettlement.

  • been told that you have been assessed as eligible in principle, and
  • cleared initial security checks, and
  • been invited to move to another country to submit your visa application and biometrics

Family members

If you submitted your Expression of Interest from Afghanistan and then move to a neighbouring country while waiting for the outcome, it will continue to be processed. The UK government can only provide support in another country if you have: There are also standard immigration routes available for family reunion when you are in the UK. Find out more on family reunion visas.

Security checks, providing biometrics and travel

If you are referred for resettlement under Pathway 3 of the additional family members under Pathway 3 of the ACRS. People applying will be expected to meet the eligibility requirements of their chosen route, which includes paying relevant fees and charges, and providing biometrics.


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