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Global Refugee Forum 2023: UK Statement on gender equality and gender-based violence.

Including those representing young people, people with disabilities, LGBT+ people, and survivors of violence. One of our priorities must be to work towards incorporating refugees into national prevention and response systems for gender-based violence. Finally, I will end by emphasising that we must work together to create a stronger international system which can channel more support, funding, and leadership to the refugee women-led organisations. New contributions to the UN Trust Fund will complement our broader work with them. For example, our partnership with the Global Survivors Fund. Of course, we cannot do this alone, and we are delighted to be working together with partners such as Sweden. For refugee and displaced populations in complex crises, the trajectories are even worse. Standing up for the rights of women and girls and ending gender-based violence are urgent priorities for the UK. I am delighted to announce today that the UK is pledging £2m to the UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women’s special window on crises. This research also highlighted the scale of challenges you face, including many of the barriers we have heard about today. That is how we can continue to make a difference on the ground. Yet, at the halfway point for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the world is significantly off-track to meet the target of eliminating violence against women and girls by 2030. Good afternoon everyone.  An estimated 70% of women and girls in conflict settings experience gender-based violence.  Receiving limited funding, failing to get official recognition, and struggling to be heard – even when decisions affect you directly. We have supported them for many years and wholeheartedly back their approach of supporting grassroots organisations to tackle gender-based violence. These aims are clear across the UK’s newly launched Roadmap for International Development. It remains the silent pandemic. This has to change. The results of the UK’s recent research show the impact you have across critical roles ranging from providing front-line GBV services, promoting gender equality and making women and girls more resilient. We are committed to making these changes with our partners. Our delegation here includes two representatives from refugee women-led organisations. First and foremost, we need to listen to those directly impacted by violence and discrimination, and amplify the voices of refugee women-led organisations. For example, in Jordan, the UK is supporting the Jordan Protection Programme, which aims to embed a sustainable model of supporting survivors within the national system. Thank you. As we know, working with women’s rights organisations is essential to all of our efforts. They are pivotal in our fight to protect the human rights, dignity, and freedoms of women and girls around the world. But all hope is not lost and we are committed to doing more. This cannot be right. And if that was not enough, you provide the most immediate services to those at risk but on a voluntary basis, denied the recognition and legal registration that would provide access to funding and support. Refugee women-led organisations – headed, I know, by many of you here today – are critical to this work. We are creating projects with Syrian survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Turkey, providing livelihood, medical, and legal support. Failing to amplify your voices is one reason why violence against refugee women and girls is still not high enough up the political agenda. I look forward to working together towards a world where no women live in fear of violence. Through this special window on crises, the Trust Fund will scale up efforts to empower and resource refugee and women-led organisations working during crises. And we are co-sponsoring the Call to Action + pledge on gender equality and protection from GBV, along with Germany, Chile, and Australia.


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