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Foreign Secretary responds to Israeli changes to aid access

While these commitments represent significant progress, we must see further action to ensure more aid actually gets over the border.

The UK has more than trebled its aid commitment to the Occupied Palestinian Territories this year, and we’re working to get aid through these new humanitarian routes as soon as possible.

  1. Allowing the delivery of humanitarian aid through the Port of Ashdod and the Erez checkpoint.
  2. Increasing the total number of aid trucks to at least 500 a day.
  3. Increasing capacity through the Jordan land corridor to 100 trucks a day. 
  4. Extending the opening hours of the Kerem Shalom crossing.
  5. Approving more types of aid, including fuel to enable more bakeries to open and hospitals to function.
  6. Approving activation of the Nachal Oz water pipeline to northern Gaza once repairs are completed.

In his statement, Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron said:

The UK has urged Israel to take these steps for a long time and they are welcome.

I’m calling on Israel to make progress on the following additional action:

Israel has today committed to significant steps to increase the amount of aid getting to Gaza. This includes:

  1. A major change in the conduct of hostilities to protect civilians.
  2. Reform of Israel’s deconfliction mechanism to ensure the safety of aid workers.
  3. Progress on the UN’s minimal operating requirements, including more visas and driver approvals granted, as well as more trucks permitted to cross into Gaza.

The situation in Gaza is dire and the entire population faces the prospect of famine without urgent change.

Ultimately, we need an immediate humanitarian pause to ramp up aid delivery, save lives and get hostages out.

This morning, I spoke to the UN’s Gaza Humanitarian and Reconstruction Co-ordinator, Sigrid Kaag. We are resolved that the international community will work with Israel to see these vital changes fully implemented.


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