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Foreign Secretary call with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister (2 April 2024)

The Foreign Secretary spoke to the new Palestinian Authority Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Mohammad Mustafa, this afternoon. They agreed on the urgent need for Israel to allow more aid into Gaza, and for an immediate pause to get aid in and hostages out, and then progress towards a sustainable permanent ceasefire, without a return to destruction, fighting, and loss of life.  The Foreign Secretary made clear that the UK is ready to work with our allies to provide the serious, practical and enduring support needed to bolster the Palestinian Authority. The Palestinian Authority must in parallel take much needed steps on reform, including on education and welfare, and setting out a pathway to democratic progress. The Ministers agreed to remain in contact and take forward discussions over the coming days and weeks. Welcoming the Prime Minister to his role, the Foreign Secretary reiterated the UK’s support for the Palestinian Authority. He stated that, along with an international support package, the formation of a new Palestinian government for the West Bank and Gaza is a vital element for lasting peace.


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