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Effectiveness of school feeding in low- and middle-income countries: secondary research


School feeding is a popular intervention supported by many governments and development agencies to improve nutrition and education outcomes among children. It also brings broader social-protection benefits in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). It has been referenced in G7 and G20 statements and brought together an international School Meals Coalition. Volume 7: Evidence Fund safeguarding policy There have been a number of impact evaluations of school-feeding programmes conducted since 2020. This call for proposals is for research that will build on the current literature and evidence and integrating new primary studies to provide the latest evidence on the effectiveness of providing school meals.

What the fund will achieve

We are seeking a research team with experience in: Volume 3: Application form

  • analyse the effectiveness of school feeding on nutrition, education and social protection outcomes in low- and middle-income countries
  • estimate the cost-effectiveness of school feeding, for individual outcomes and an aggregate level
  • compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of school feeding with other interventions intended to achieve the same outcomes
  • identify the circumstances in which school feeding is effective and cost-effective

Volume 5: Draft grant agreement

  • undertaking research in the fields of nutrition, education and social protection in low- and middle-income countries (essential)
  • school feeding, either research or in practice (desirable)
  • conducting rigorous evidence synthesis, including systematic reviews and/or rapid reviews and/or economic evaluations
  • empirical research methods used to evaluate and assess value for money of education, nutrition and social protection interventions

How to apply

You can email queries on this call for proposals to the Evidence Fund Manager: uk_evidence_fund_administration@pwc.com Volume 6: Evidence Fund conflict of interest policy The purpose of this research is to provide an assessment of the latest evidence on school feeding, including an assessment of the quality of available evidence. The research will inform the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) policy position on school feeding, as well as increasing global dialogue on school-feeding programmes. The research is intended to: Volume 2: Statement of need Published 7 February 2024
For more information on how to apply to this call for proposals, read the instructions and evaluation criteria, statement of need, and additional documents. Volume 4: Grant budget pro formas Volume 1: Call for proposals instructions and evaluation criteria

Volume 8: Letter and declaration to accompany proposals


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