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Current tensions reinforce the importance for Kosovo and Serbia to return to the EU-facilitated dialogue: UK statement at the UN Security Council

Regional stability and the interests of all communities are best served by the creation of a conducive environment that will allow further progress under the EU-facilitated dialogue.  Second, Kosovo should exercise its sovereign powers in a way that is consistent with the vision of a multi-ethnic democracy embedded at the heart of Kosovo’s constitution. Kosovo’s authorities should set out a clear plan to ensure that all affected Kosovo Serbs can continue to receive their incomes, and that essential services can operate until a sustainable solution is found. Through its recent actions, Kosovo’s central bank has sought to fulfil its responsibility to regulate the operation of foreign currencies. But the Kosovo Government’s implementation of these measures so far has shown insufficient regard for the impact on Kosovo’s minority communities. Yet for many years the absence of a normal relationship between Kosovo and Serbia has had implications for regional stability and for communities in both countries. Three immediate steps can help support this goal.  Thank you, President, and I thank Special Representative Ziadeh for her briefing today. I also welcome the participation of President Vucic and Prime Minister Kurti in our meeting.  President, next week marks the 16th anniversary of Kosovan independence. The UK welcomes the progress it has made as a sovereign state in that time. The UK will continue to work in support of this goal alongside our wider efforts to build regional stability.  Current tensions reinforce the importance for Kosovo and Serbia to engage with renewed commitments in EU-facilitated dialogue, and to make progress towards the normalisation of relations. Finally, President, the UK calls on Serbia to ensure that those responsible for the attacks in Banjska in September are held to account.  First, Kosovo and Serbia should honour their existing commitments and avoid unilateral actions or rhetoric that could reduce prospects for a comprehensive and sustainable normalisation agreement.  Thank you.


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