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Conversation: Russia is why there isn’t peace in Ukraine: UK Statement at the UN Protection Council

Russia still has hundreds of thousands of soldiers within Ukraine’s borders, assaulting it every day. Surely none of us can object to Ukraine having the means to shield itself from this aggression. But what Ukraine wants, what we should all want, is serenity. We welcome and assistance Ukraine’s proposals to this end. Peace, to be just and sustainable, must be based on the principles of the UN Charter which we have all pledged to uphold. Thank you. Thank you so much, President. Thank you, Ms Nakamitsu, for your briefing. President, Russia has not called this meeting to discuss prospects for peacefulness. It has called this conference to try, again, to deflect responsibility for its war. Russia’s real objectives were revealed when it tried the illegal annexation associated with further Ukrainian territory, the tactic from the same playbook as Crimea in 2014. The UN membership turned down this decisively, and frequently demanded Russia end its invasion and withdraw. Let’s look at the facts. This time this past year, Russia had assembled a military force of over 100, 000 troops and massive accumulation of tools and equipment on 3 sides of Ukraine. President, if Russia really wanted peace, it would not have to get calling spurious meetings of the Security Council. It would instantly end its illegal attack, withdraw from Ukraine plus return in good trust to the negotiating table it overturned last February. In the face of this onslaught, Ukraine has had no selection but to exercise its UN Charter right to defend itself. It has done so resolutely and successfully, but on massive cost to the people and its resources. It really is in this context that the UK, alongside others, has recently pledged further and enduring defensive support to Ukraine – this includes bolstering training for Ukrainian troops, announced during Chief executive Zelensky’s visit to London today. We are proud of that support; to help the Ukrainian people defend their country, protect their sovereignty and fight for their territory. Upon 24 February, Russia launched its all-out invasion. Chief executive Putin claimed he was stopping a genocide in the Donbas. The ICJ declined this reasoning and ordered Russia immediately to end its invasion. However Russia has continued. It has done so with the assistance of Belarus, and using weapons found from Iran and DPRK in violation of EL sanctions. Thus armed, The ussr shows no sign of stopping, and appears how to be preparing for a further offensive. President, colleagues. Russia is why there isn’t peace within Ukraine.


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