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British Embassy Oman Campaign Goal 3: Evaluation 

The Oman Country Plan

Volume 1: Invitation to tender instructions and evaluation criteria

  • Oman’s economy is stronger and more resilient
  • increased resilience by enacting inclusive economic and structural reforms
  • continued progress on managing fiscal balance and deepening the financial sector including greater commercial ties with the City
  • credible efforts on diversification, gender and climate

The evaluation

Volume 6: Evidence Fund conflict of interest policy Volume 7: Evidence Fund safeguarding policy Evidence Fund manager: uk_evidence_fund_administration@pwc.com The evaluation should address the effectiveness, coherence, and relevance of the British embassy’s interventions. It should provide recommendations for refining the campaign goal and approaches in fostering sustainable economic growth and resilience in Oman. Volume 2: Terms of reference

What the fund will achieve

The evaluation should also increase understanding of cross-embassy collaboration and strategic goal evaluation, and help to inform other Gulf Strategy Fund countries.

  • effectiveness: is the embassy achieving its objectives on campaign goal 3? 
  • coherence: how well do the embassy’s interventions fit together?  
  • relevance: is the embassy doing the right things? Does the campaign goal need adjusting? 

How to apply 

The overarching objective of this evaluation is to support the British embassy in understanding how well it is performing towards to campaign goal 3. It will assess how performance can be improved across the embassy and if the goal needs to be refined: Organisations from the UK and all ODA-eligible countries (PDF, 640 KB) can apply. Volume 8: Letter and declaration to accompany tenders For more information on how to apply, read the invitation to tender instructions and all the attached documents. The Oman Country Plan is the primary mechanism for steering British Embassy Muscat’s daily diplomatic policy and programmatic engagement in Oman. The County Plan Campaign Goal 3 consists of the following: The purpose of this evaluation is to assist the British Embassy Muscat in assessing its performance in achieving campaign goal 3 of the country plan. The evaluation should also identify areas for improvement in refining the goal and how it is achieved.  The evaluation may also involve designing and implementing non-Official Development Assistance (ODA) programmes.  Volume 3: Application form Volume 4: Commercial pro formas Volume 5: Pro forma contract


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