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Assistance: Living in Guinea

Numerous income-related benefits such as Monthly pension Credit and Housing Benefit cannot be paid if you’re overseas for more than 4 weeks. Find out how you can get married or get a civil partnership overseas Even though homosexuality is not explicitly talked about in the Guinean Penal Code, Article 274 from 2016of the Code states that will ‘indecent acts and works against nature committed by having an individual of the same sexual intercourse will be punished by imprisonment from six months to 3 years and a fine of 500, 000 to 1, 000, 1000 Guinean francs. If the take action is with a minor of less than 18 years, the maximum sentence will be noticable. If the act is committed with violence or tried violence the sentence will be 5-10 years’. We have simply no reports of any attacks on persons linked to their sexuality. However , homosexuality is not really widely accepted or recognized. See our information plus advice page for the LGBT community before you travel. Follow the advice of the Guinean government and your local power. You should also read the Guinea travel advice. You can apply for or renew your British passport from Guinea.

Before you go

For help or to report a criminal offense, dial 117. Motorists have got encountered theft at gun point, particularly at night. These crimes are often carried out simply by individuals dressed in police or military uniforms and holding military weapons. There have been occurrences of violent car-jackings, particularly in the outlying suburbs of Conakry. Burglaries and break-ins are common.


If you plan to arrive in Conakry on a flight after dark you should arrange your airport transfer before you travel.

Visas and residency

Swapping foreign currency on the street or making use of unofficial money changers is certainly illegal. Those using cash changers, even for a small amount, including at the international airport, have been arrested and detained in military custody. Obtaining hard currency in Guinea is very difficult. Check the entry requirements with regard to Guinea in our travel recommendations. There are regular reports of robberies on the roads in order to Mamou, Faranah, Kissidougou, Guékédou, Macenta, N’zérékoré. The Uk Embassy Conakry is aware of reviews of police extorting money from foreigners and Guineans.

Passports and travel

If you plan to study in Guinea, you must fulfill all visa requirements before you decide to travel. Visit the official visa website for Guinea to learn more. There are not many opportunities for foreigners across Guinea, however some professional roles are available for foreigners, particularly along with international companies, and in the particular healthcare and childcare sectors. Conakry is the most likely spot to find work. In order to find professional work in Guinea, it is best to get in touch with international companies directly. Most foreigners moving to Guinea tend to move to work with businesses that they are already working for.

Healthcare within Guinea

This information is provided as a guide only. You should get definitive information from the Guinean private sector organisations. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is just not liable for any inaccuracies within this information. You may be able to vote in some UK elections. You can: If you get a  ‘life certificate’ from the UNITED KINGDOM Pension Service, you must respond as soon as possible. Your payments may be suspended if you do not. Dial 117 for the police, 18 for ambulance, and 442-020 for the open fire brigade.


See buying a property overseas. If your child is born in Guinea you should register the birth with the private sector organisations. You can then register with the UK authorities and apply for a UNITED KINGDOM birth certificate.

Local Laws and Customs

Should you be the victim of a crime, have been arrested, or are influenced by a crisis,   contact the particular British Embassy Conakry. Contact the International Monthly pension Centre for further information. Guinea has introduced an electronic australian visa, also called e-visa to assist in entry into its territory. See how to apply for a visa to enter Guinea on the internet at Guinea Visa (paf. gov. gn). Look at the guidance on international parental kid abduction if your child may be at risk of this.

Safety and security

Credit cards are not widely used within Guinea. ATM facilities take foreign cards, but must not be relied on as a means of having money. There are a limited quantity of ATMs in Conakry, which usually give only small amounts of currency. International credit cards could be used to withdraw cash over the counter. Banking outside Conakry can be difficult, with few ATMs available. Foreigners and Guinean nationals are required to show identification in the event that asked by the police or other law enforcement agencies. You are allowed to carry photocopies of the relevant pages of your passport, provided they are certified from the Guinean police. Keep the unique in a safe place. Contact the relevant higher education company in Guinea to check exactly what fees you have to pay. Read the guidance on returning to the  UK  permanently which includes home elevators bringing family members, tax plus access to services.

Doing work in Guinea

There is no reciprocal healthcare agreement between Guinea and the UK. Picture taking and filming in many regions is forbidden or susceptible to strict rules which are enforced rigidly. It is forbidden in order to photograph or film everything of strategic value electronic. g. bridges. Do not photograph military or police installation or government buildings. People may prefer not to become photographed. If in doubt, seek permission or do not take pictures.

Studying in Guinea

If you’re asked for a letter authenticating, certifying or validating your UK driver’s license, you should contact your UK issuing office (e. gary the gadget guy. the DVLA). Read the guidance if you need to take a trip with medicines.


Read State Pension assistance if you have lived in Australia, North america or New Zealand and you are claiming or waiting in order to claim your UK Condition Pension.

Read guidance on:


If you have the UK Blue Badge and live in Guinea, you must return it to the original UNITED KINGDOM issuing authority. Check which UK advantages you can claim while abroad and how to claim them.


If you would like take your vehicle with you, discover taking a vehicle out of the UK You can monitor the status of your app here. For any inquiry regarding your online visa application or even complaints / feedbacks please send an email to support@paf. gov. gn. If someone dies within Guinea read our guidance on:

Lifetime certificates for UK State Pensions

See the information on driving abroad right here.

Money and financial

Those involved with trading gold and diamonds should take particular treatment; this trade attracts criminal gangs, who are known to vacation resort to kidnapping and extortion. Trading scams involving expensive diamonds, gold export and gold certification have been reported. See our travel advice for Guinea for up-to-date information on entry requirements, local laws and customs, safety and emergencies. See also Overseas Business Risk for Guinea.

Accommodation and buying home

If your kid has British nationality,   you do not need to register the delivery with the UK  authorities to obtain a British passport.

Driving in Guinea

If you are on a prescription for virtually every medication you should ensure you possess a supply of it, or can obtain it when within Guinea. Certain medicines may not be available in Guinea, including big companies readily available in the UK, and you may end up being prohibited from taking all of them into the country. You should seek advice from your GP before travelling to Guinea to find out about any alternative medication. To stay up to date: the actual British Embassy Conakry on Facebook. If you retire in Guinea, you can claim your UK State Pension or new UK State Monthly pension. NOTE: UNITED KINGDOM Travel insurance providers will not generally cover your healthcare expenses if you live overseas. For assistance in order to report a crime, generously contact your local police station.

Disabled drivers

Support for Uk Nationals Abroad: A Guide aims how British nationals can stay safe abroad and exactly how the FCDO can help should you choose get into difficulty.


Check the Guinea travel advice for passport validity requirements.

Births, fatalities, marriage and civil collaboration


You should get professional advice on paying out tax in Guinea. Find an English-speaking lawyer within Guinea. You will need an International Driving Permit to operate a vehicle. You can get International Driving Enables over the counter from 2, 500 UK Post Offices. You will not be able to buy an International Driving Permit outside the UK, therefore get one before you travel.


Guidance just for travelling by road in Guinea can be found here.

Marriage and civil partnership

Healthcare facilities in Guinea are generally poor. Equipment is basic and sometimes not sterile. You should have basic medical supplies, plus consider including an emergency dental care kit if travelling beyond Conakry. There are minimal services for dealing with heart problems and major trauma. For severe medical treatment, medical evacuation to Europe is necessary. There are some well-stocked pharmacies in Conakry yet few outside the capital. You should ensure that medicine is genuine. Make sure you have adequate items of prescription medication, bearing in mind the risk of delays due to flight cancellations. Make sure you have adequate medical health insurance and accessible funds to hide the cost of any medical treatment abroad and repatriation.


Read common guidance on moving or heading off abroad. If you are planning to move in order to Guinea and work, you will need a visa. Read the Guinean government’s  guide on how to obtain a visa. Those who make criminal offences can expect to be subjected to local law. You will find heavy penalties for those convicted. Local prison conditions are usually harsh, with food and drinking water often not supplied on a regular basis. Pre-trial detention is considerable and can last for many several weeks. This guide sets out important information for British citizens moving to or living in Guinea. Read about how our embassy in Guinea can help. If you have been the victim of a rape or sexual strike in Guinea, read the information for survivors of rape and sexual assault within Guinea. See also listing of English speaking lawyers within Guinea for legal advice.

Returning to the united kingdom

You must ensure you have private healthcare cover regarding Guinea. Please find a listing of medical facilities here.


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