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Assistance: Living in Brazil

If your child is born in Brazil you should sign-up the birth with the local authorities. You can then register with the UK authorities and apply for a UNITED KINGDOM birth certificate. Read guidance on Brazilian visas for: If you retire in Brazilian, you can claim your UK State Pension or brand new UK State Pension.   Contact the International Monthly pension Centre for further information. Many income-related benefits for example Pension Credit and Casing Benefit cannot be paid in case you are abroad for more than 4 weeks. English-speaking funeral directors in Brazil

Before you go

Whenever applying for residency in Brazil you might be asked to obtain a certification from the Embassy with information regarding criminal records which might be held about you. The British Embassy/Consulates cannot issue any type of certificate in relation to personal information which might be held about you in the UK. You should contact the following UK centered agencies for advice on tips on how to apply for this type of information:


Uk nationals are allowed to go to Brazil without a visa as a tourist for up to 90 days. You can apply for an extension on your visa for up to 90 days more. Expansion applications are handled by the Brazilian Federal Police. If you overstay, you are likely to be given notice to leave the country at your own expense and you may be fined or deported. Cases of UK driving licences are allowed to drive in Brazil for 180 days, starting from the day they enter the country, as long as they have their particular original passport and primary valid driving licence with them. After this period, please get in touch with the nearest DETRAN office to apply for the recognition of your traveling licence.


Your own passport should be valid just for at least six months from the time of entry into Brazilian. Check the Brazil travel assistance for further information on passport validity requirements. In late 2022, the UK signed the double taxation agreement with Brazil. This means that in long term you may not have to pay tax two times on the same income in both countries. However , it has not however entered into force. This will occur upon completion of the processes required by the law of both countries for the bringing into force of this contract. We will update this guide once the double taxation agreement comes into force. You must also read our Entry needs page, for detailed assistance with the current rules to enter Brazil.

  • Associated with request within 90 days from your first entry in the country, before the expiration of the current authorized stay.
  • Provide a detailed delivery certificate, which must have both parents’ full names.

Support for British Nationals Abroad: A Guide sets out exactly how British nationals can remain safe abroad and how the particular FCDO can help if you do enter difficulty.


Taking your vehicle out of UK To demand a visa extension you will need to: For information on whether you can continue to or apply for advantages whilst living abroad much more the following links: Notarial and documentary services guidebook for Brazil – Acceptance of Marital Status

Foreigner Identity Card and Tax Payer Registry (CPF)

RNM – Registro Nacional Migratório (Foreigner identity card)

If you’re requested a letter authenticating, certifying or validating your UK driver’s licence, you should get in touch with your UK issuing office (eg the DVLA)


If you need emergency medical attention, dial 192 and ask for an ambulance. You should contact your own insurance/medical assistance company quickly if you are referred to a healthcare facility for treatment.

Passports and travel

Foreign nationals are entitled to emergency medical treatment in Brazilian public hospitals. Public hospitals in Brazil, especially in main cities, can be overcrowded plus there’s often a long await a bed and a insufficient medication. Private hospitals will not acknowledge you unless you can present evidence of sufficient funds or even insurance. For emergencies in Brazilian dial the following numbers

Healthcare in Brazil

After you have obtained the certificate you should get it legalised by the Legalisation Office in the UK and converted by an official/sworn translator before submitting it towards the Brazilian authorities. Read general guidance on moving or retiring overseas. This is the foreigner identity card, previously known as Registro Nacional sobre Estrangeiros (RNE). Information about applying for a RNM can be found on the site of the Brazilian Federal Law enforcement. This document has the same validity as the national identification card (RG) issued with regard to Brazilian nationals. If you have been the victim of a rape or even sexual assault in Brazilian, read the guidance Brazil: info for victims of rape and sexual assault. Observe also Victim of rape and sexual assault abroad. Read the guidance on what actions you must decide to try drive legally in Brazil


Find out how you can find married or get a civil partnership abroad. Check the  entry requirements for Brazil in our travel advice.

Working in Brazil

If you are planning to move to Brazilian and work you need a visa. For further information please visit the site of the Brazilian Consulate working in london and read guidance on ways to get a work visa If you are on a prescribed for any medication you should ensure you have a supply of it, or are able to obtain it when in Brazil. Certain medications may not be available in Brazil, and you may be prohibited from having them into the country. You should consult your GP just before travelling to Brazil to find out about what other medication.

  • Valid passport
  • Detailed birth certificate, which must have both parents’ full names.
  • UK police certificate)

Studying in Brazil

If you’re the victim of the crime, have been arrested, or even are affected by a crisis,   get in touch with the British Embassy in Brasilia or the Consulates in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo. If you would like take your vehicle with you, see  taking a vehicle out of the UK. If someone dies in Brazil read our guidance on:


Go through State Pension guidance in case you have lived in Australia, Canada or even New Zealand and you are claiming or waiting to state your UK State Pension. The Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica (CPF) is the national person taxpayer registration, issued with regard to residents and non-residents who would like to have assets entitled to fees in Brazil. If you are in the UK, you can apply through the Brazilian Consulate in London, otherwise you have to contact Receita Federal (Brazilian Customs and Revenue). Road travel in Brazil TAKE NOTE: UK Travel insurance providers will never generally cover your healthcare costs if you live overseas.


To stay up to date: There is no reciprocal National Wellness Service agreement in Brazilian and medical costs must be met by the individual. What to do if someone passes away abroad


The official currency of Brazil will be the Real (BRL /R$). You can easily convert most major currencies at specialist money swap bureaus and some banks and hotels. Passport identification generally will be required to make the trade. ATMs are widely available and most will accept foreign-issued bank cards. Credit card transactions are accepted throughout Brazil’s establishments and mobile money transaction are common. Check which UNITED KINGDOM benefits you can claim while abroad and how to claim them.

Existence certificates for UK Condition Pensions

For further information read through our guidance on:

Money and banking

Observe buying a property abroad. Brazil: note on marriage validity

  • The Cadastro de Pessoa Fisica (CPF) – the national person taxpayer registration
  • Passport
  • Power bill/ lease agreement (for purpose of verifying your bodily address)
  • Foreigner identity credit card (Carteira de Registro Nacional Migratório – CRNM)

Accommodation and buying property

To apply for a job you may need to provide a:

Driving in Brazil

Civil relationship and same sex relationship is recognized in Brazilian by law. We all strongly recommend you have adequate travel/health insurance that provides coverage overseas and accessible funds to protect the cost of any medical treatment abroad. This should include coverage just for repatriation. Read the NHS guidance if you need to travel with medicines – Can I take our medicine abroad. Brazil Driving rules Driving abroad This information is provided as a guide only. You should get definitive info from the Brazilian authorities. The particular Foreign, Commonwealth & Growth Office (FCDO) is not responsible for any inaccuracies in this info.

Driving rules plus information in Brazil (In Portuguese)  

Read the guidance on time for the  UK  permanently which includes information on bringing family members, taxes and access to services. Observe our travel advice designed for Brazil for up-to-date home elevators entry requirements, local laws and customs, safety plus emergencies. Specifications for opening a bank-account in Brazil may include: If you have resided or been living in Brazil and need a Certificate associated with Criminal Records from the local authorities, you need to submit your request towards the Brazilian Federal Police.

Disabled drivers

Documents you need to drive in Brazil


Dial the 190 to report a lacking child or go to the closest police station.

Births, fatalities, marriage and civil collaboration


Follow the recommendation of the Brazilian government and your local authority. You should also look at the Brazil travel advice. If you are travelling to Brazil for virtually every purpose other than tourism, you have to contact the Brazilian Consulate in London prior to your travel to check what type of visa is needed upon arrival in the country.


If you get a life certificate’ from the UK Monthly pension Service, you must respond as quickly as possible. Your payments may be suspended if you do not. Contact the relevant higher education provider in Brazil to check what charges you may have to pay. If your child has British nationality,   you do not need to register the birth with the UK  authorities to obtain a British passport. Find a lawyer in Brazil

Marriage and civil partnership

You may be able to vote in some UK elections. You can: If you plan to study in Brazilian, you must meet all australian visa requirements before you travel. Look at the Brazilian Consulate in London guidance on study visas. Information about taxation in Brazil can be obtained from the Receita Federal do Brasil (Brazilian Government Revenue). If you have a UK Blue Badge plus live in Brazil, you must return it to the original UNITED KINGDOM issuing authority. Bereavement guidance for Brazil


International Driving licence in Brazilian

  • 190 with regard to police
  • 192 for ambulance
  • 193 for fire Services

This guide sets out important information for British residents moving to or living in Brazil. Read about how the Uk Embassy in Brasilia or the consulates in Rio de Janeiro plus Sao Paulo can help. You should get professional suggestions about paying tax in Brazilian. Find an English-speaking attorney in Brazil In order for your British birth certificate to be accepted in Brazil, it must be apostilled by Legalisation Office in the United Kingdom, together with its official translation. The particular British Embassy and Consulates in Brazil cannot authenticate British birth certificates. Read the guidance on international parental child abduction if your kid may be at risk of this. You can apply for or renew your British passport from Brazil.

Returning to the UK

Read assistance with:


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