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Bahamian delegation, led by Senator the Hon. Barry Griffin, participates in 17th Americas Competitiveness Exchange in Panama

During the week, Senator the Hon. Barry Griffin also gave a keynote address and participated in a Dynamic Panel on Technology and Innovation, and he shared key areas where The Bahamas is innovating and open to partnerships, including the environmental sector, fintech and delivery of government services.

February 9th, 2024
We have identified numerous opportunities for collaboration, which we aim to bring back to our private sector for their advantage and I look forward to highlighting the vast opportunities available to Bahamian small businesses and entrepreneurs in Latin America. I think our young people in particular stand to benefit from the tech and innovation opportunities in international trade.” said Senator Griffin.
“Our government is committed to utilizing all available avenues to combat the high cost of living, and cost-competitive trade plays a vital role in this endeavor.” said Senator Griffin.
The weeklong sessions in Panama showcased the best of Panama and brought together public and private sector actors from across the hemisphere in: transportation and logistics, clean energy, regenerative tourism, sustainable water and agriculture, information and communication technology (ICT) and advanced and transformative technologies.
Washington, DC: A Bahamian delegation attended the 17th edition of the Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE), which was hosted by Panama from January 29 – February 2, 2024. The Bahamian delegation is comprised of Senator the Hon. Barry Griffin, Vice President of the Senate and Deputy Chairman of The Bahamas Trade Commission and Mr. Mikhail Bullard, Minister Counsellor and Alternative Representative at The Bahamas Mission to the OAS.
The Americas Competitiveness Exchange (ACE) is the premier economic development, entrepreneurial and innovation network of the Americas and is the core initiative of the Inter-American Competitiveness Network (RIAC), for which the OAS serves as Technical Secretariat. The ACE is funded through a partnership with the host jurisdiction and the US Departments of State and Commerce, respectively.
While in Panama, the Bahamian delegation explored opportunities for partnership, trade and development cooperation with Panamanian authorities and the private sector and other country representatives.


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