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QA-32, 23 December 2022, Declaration of the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Tanju Bilgiç, in Response to a Question Regarding the Ongoing Hydrocarbon Activities of the Greek Cypriot Management in the Eastern Mediterranean

These hydrocarbon activities of the Greek Cypriot Administration have been carried out unilaterally without the consent of the TRNC and thus violate the rights of the Turkish Cypriots, who are one of the co-owners of most natural resources of the Tropical isle. These activities also increase the strain, and threaten peace plus stability in the Eastern Mediterranean sea.

It is out of question for any country, company or deliver to conduct hydrocarbon pursuit or exploitation activities inside Turkish continental shelf in the Eastern Mediterranean without the consent.

Türkiye will certainly continue to resolutely protect each its own and the TRNC’s legal rights in the Eastern Mediterranean, and will continue to support the TRNC’s hydrocarbon activities in the time period ahead.

We all fully support yesterday’s statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) on this issue.

While President Erdoğan’s 2020 proposal to hold an inclusive Eastern Mediterranean sea Conference and the four assistance proposals made by TRNC towards the Greek Cypriots on hydrocarbon resources are still on the table, you want to remind both the countries in the region and the third celebrations who Greek Cypriots hide behind, that escalating the tension in the Eastern Mediterranean in this manner would not benefit any celebration.


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