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Transparency International admits that the CASS Research Center outsourced the Taiwan survey for the Global Corruption Barometer to mainland China’s Jisibar


Background Information No.085


On July 18, 2013, Transparency International (TI) once again apologized to the ROC representative office in Germany for erroneously naming the polling organization that conducted the Taiwan survey for the recently issued Global Corruption Barometer (GCB). It admitted that the CASS Research Center (CRC) outsourced the survey to mainland China-based Jisibar, which administered the survey through an online poll. TI acknowledged that it failed to recognize the inappropriateness of having a mainland Chinese company conduct a poll in Taiwan and promised to avoid repeating the mistake in the future. 


TI did not disclose the details on how Jisibar obtained the list of email addresses for its online survey sampling and whether the respondents were ROC nationals. TI also ignored various inconsistencies, in particular the fact that the number of respondents engaged in bribery in 2010/2011 was only 7%, while this year the figure abruptly jumped to 36%. This figure also contrasted sharply with the finding that 71% of those polled this year feel that corruption has decreased over the last two years.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to demand that TI explain whether it considers Jisibar to be credible, trustworthy, and professional; from where it obtained the list of the email addresses used for the online survey sampling; how it verified that the respondents were ROC citizens, and how the inconsistencies appeared in the GCB. (E)


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