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To maintain the national dignity, sovereignty and interests of the Republic of China (Taiwan), the government of Taiwan is terminating diplomatic relations with the Republic of Malawi and suspending all aid projects for that country with immediate effect.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China (Taiwan) solemnly announces that, much to our regret, the Republic of Malawi has decided to switch diplomatic ties to China due to the latter’s coercive tactics and monetary incentives. To maintain national dignity and sovereignty, and protect the wellbeing of its people, the Taiwan government is terminating diplomatic relations with Malawi and suspending all aid projects for that country as of today, January 14, 2008.
Taiwan established diplomatic ties with Malawi in 1966. It actively assisted with building up Malawi’s infrastructure and formulated programs that would benefit the Malawian people. The cordial relations that Malawi enjoyed with Taiwan, as well as the achievements of various bilateral cooperative projects, met with the satisfaction of the Malawian people and government, both past and present.
In recent years, however, China has intensified its efforts to lure away Taiwan’s diplomatic allies, including several past attempts, albeit failed, to wreck relations between Malawi and Taiwan. Yet in the second half of last year, China offered what was to Malawi an irresistible bait of US$6 billion to switch ties. Nevertheless, the government of Taiwan has always valued its friendship with Malawi, and went to great lengths to communicate and discuss matters with the government there. Taiwan has been true to its word and cooperated with the utmost sincerity all along. The Malawian government has, however, shown its true colors by establishing ties with China and even stooping so low as to agree to China’s request to make the announcement at a time when President Chen Shui-bian is on an official visit overseas. The people and government of Taiwan consider such conduct enormously insulting and unbefitting of a nation calling itself democratic, a nation which had been a friend of Taiwan for 42 years.
The government of Taiwan condemns China for restricting Taiwan’s space on the international stage by enticing allies with monetary incentives to sever diplomatic ties. Taiwan regrets that the leaders and government of Malawi have forsaken their national dignity, turned their back on commitments made to Taiwan and sold their soul to China.
To protect the interests and dignity of its people, the government of Taiwan is determined to continue its efforts to give Taiwan room to breathe in the international community, and will fight to obtain the status that Taiwan rightfully deserves. Taiwan remains unflinching in the face of China’s inhumane persecution.(E)


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