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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) strongly condemns the Japanese government over its violation of ROC territorial sovereignty and lodges a strong protest

MOFA strongly condemns the Japanese government for completing the so-called “nationalization” of three of the Diaoyutai Islands, including Diaoyutai Islet, Bei Islet and Nan Islet. This action by the Japanese government has violated the territorial sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and is therefore illegal. His Excellency Minister Timothy C. T. Yang this morning summoned the Japanese representative to Taiwan, Sumio Tarui, to lodge a strong protest with Japan. He condemned the Japanese government’s decision to ignore historical facts and international law, as well as its encroachment upon the territorial sovereignty of the Republic of China (Taiwan). In addition, he stated that the action taken by Japan has damaged cooperative relations between Taiwan and Japan and generated tension in East Asia.

MOFA has ordered the ROC representative to Japan, Shen Ssu-tsun, to file a protest with the Japanese government. MOFA has also sent a telegram asking him to return home to report on the latest developments.

MOFA reiterates that the Diaoyutai Islands, an island group under the administrative jurisdiction of Daxi Village, Toucheng Township, Yilan County, form an inherent part of the territory of the Republic of China (Taiwan). Whether looked at from the perspective of history, geography, geology, practical use or international law, sovereignty over the Diaoyutais indisputably belongs to the Republic of China (Taiwan). The Japanese government’s decision to annex the Diaoyutai Islands after its victory in the First Sino-Japanese War was an act of aggression that violated international law. In addition, Japan’s invasion and occupation of the islands was never promulgated by Japanese Imperial Decree, meaning that the outside world was not informed of this decision. The secret and illegal occupation was therefore, according to international law, null and void from the beginning. The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) as a result does not acknowledge any actions and claims by the Japanese government that violate ROC sovereignty over the Diaoyutais – including the illegal so-called “nationalization” of the islands – and strongly condemns such actions. For more details about the historical background of the Diaoyutais, please refer to the appendix.

MOFA stresses that the Republic of China (Taiwan) will never make concessions regarding its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and will not allow any actions that violate national dignity or harm the wellbeing of our people. MOFA once again requests that the Japanese government stop all actions that damage the relations between Taiwan and Japan and create tension in East Asia. In addition, MOFA urges the Japanese government to squarely face the existing disputes over these islands, to value the special partnership the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Japan have developed over the past four years, and to respond to the East China Sea Peace Initiative proposed by the ROC government. We should all shelve disputes and engage in rational dialogue, so as to jointly develop resources in the East China Sea and maintain peace and stability in the region. (E)



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