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The government of the Republic of China terminates diplomatic relations with the Republic of The Gambia to uphold national dignity and principles of viable diplomacy



The government of the Republic of China decided, on November 18, 2013, to terminate diplomatic relations with the Republic of The Gambia in order to uphold the dignity of the nation and the principles of viable diplomacy. It will close its embassy in The Gambia, recall its technical missions, and end all bilateral cooperation projects. This is the ROC government’s response to the November 14 announcement by Gambian President Yahya A. J. J. Jammeh that The Gambia was terminating diplomatic relations with the ROC on the grounds of “strategic national interest.”

Since diplomatic relations with The Gambia were restored in July 1995, the ROC had actively provided the country with assistance through cooperation projects beneficial to its development and the livelihood of the people in the areas of education, agriculture, medical care, military affairs, and basic infrastructure. The contributions that these programs made to The Gambia’s economic development and the people’s welfare were widely recognized and well received by all sectors of society there. In addition, officials from the two countries held frequent exchange visits and their people enjoyed close contacts. Based on the principles of sincerity, honesty, and justice, the ROC has always treated The Gambia as a friend and brother, and regrets its abrupt decision.

The ROC government will not allow this event to affect its efforts to expand its space on the international stage and promote viable diplomacy. With a resolute and pragmatic approach, it will maintain relations with countries that stand firm on justice and treat the ROC with equality, and will work jointly with them to gain the international status that the ROC deserves. It will also continue to fulfill its international obligations and remains committed to enhancing the welfare of its people.(E)




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