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Statement by the Republic of China (Taiwan) on the resumption of diplomatic ties between Burkina Faso and China

May 26, 2018
Statement No. 004
The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) expresses profound disappointment, regret, and outrage that the government of Burkina Faso has succumbed to the enticements of dollar diplomacy, signing a joint communique in Beijing on May 26 reestablishing diplomatic ties with China. Burkina Faso has thus disregarded the enormous contributions Taiwan has made to its national security, social stability, economic development, and people’s welfare over the past 24 years.
The Republic of China (Taiwan) is an independent, sovereign state, a fact which the “one China principle” referred to in the communique between China and Burkina Faso cannot negate unilaterally. As a responsible partner in international cooperation, Taiwan will continue to deepen and consolidate its close cooperative friendships with its allies.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and all its missions abroad will remain vigilant and take precautions against China’s attempts to weaken Taiwan’s position in the international community, diligently defending the dignity of our country and interests of our people. The government’s commitment and determination to safeguard our country and spur its further development will not be shaken in the least by China’s suppression. Taiwan will continue to advance its relations with its allies and cultivate substantive economic and security partnerships with like-minded countries so as to garner further recognition and support in the international community. (E)


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