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Statement by the Republic of China on the Resumption of Diplomatic Ties between The Gambia and mainland China

March 17, 2016
No. 001                              

The Republic of China issues the following statement in response to the joint statement signed by the Republic of The Gambia and mainland China March 17 resuming diplomatic relations: 

It has been two years and four months since The Gambia unilaterally severed diplomatic ties with the Republic of China November 14, 2013. The ROC regrets The Gambia’s decision to establish diplomatic ties with mainland China. Over the past seven years, the viable diplomacy promoted by the ROC government has led to tangible progress in relations with its diplomatic allies and major partner countries, as well as its participation in international affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to enhance its diplomatic efforts, and together with all its missions abroad will closely monitor mainland China’s interference in the international activities of the ROC.

The Republic of China cherishes its relations with its diplomatic allies. Its promotion of viable diplomacy and persistence in upholding its three principles for the provision of foreign aid have been affirmed by both its allies and the international community. The ROC will continue to strengthen its friendly cooperative relations with its allies. (E) 


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