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MOFA releases short film ‘For a Seamless Sky’, calls for support from the international community for Taiwan’s inclusion in ICAO

September 19, 2019
No. 065
As the 40th assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is being held on Sept. 24, 2019, at the organization’s Montreal headquarters, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) has released a promotional short—‘For a Seamless Sky’—targeting the international community. The short depicts how throughout their lives some kids work with determination towards the dream of being able to fly and then finally realize this goal; at the same time the film sets out to show how Taiwan is an important partner in global and regional civilian air and flight control networks and has both the ability and the will to take an active part in ICAO.
The children fold paper planes, suggesting their budding desire to fly, and then we see them older exploring and researching planes, then playing with a remote-control plane, showing how much they yearn to be able to fly, until one day they become a pilot and take to the skies. Their lives are divided into three different parts: dreaming, sticking determinedly to a goal and eventually realizing it. This reflects Taiwan’s desire to participate in ICAO, and the hope that ICAO will see the need for Taiwan’s expertise in the organization, to help ICAO reach their objective of a seamless sky and to make their advocacy for ‘No One Left Behind’ a reality.
According to the Civil Aeronautics Administration, the Taipei Flight Information Region (FIR) served more than 1,750,000 flights and 68,900,000 visitors in 2018 and every week over 2,800 flights depart from Taiwan to 149 cities all over the world. The scale of our air transport system and our alignment with ICAO standards in our flight control services are crucial to the development of the global air transport industry, showing Taiwan is an important partner in the global and regional civilian air transport networks, and the necessity of Taiwan receiving flight information in step with other countries around the world.
MOFA is suggesting, with this short film, that Taiwan has the expertise and the will to make a contribution to ensuring civilian air safety in the region and around the world and calls for everyone around the globe to support Taiwan’s participation to make ICAO’s objective of a seamless sky a reality.
The short also features a real scene of an air traffic controller providing flight information to a pilot at Taoyuan International Airport. The short film will be uploaded to MOFA’s Trending Taiwan YouTube channel and the ministry’s own Facebook and Instagram Pages in nine languages, where viewers from around the world can watch it and share with friends.
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