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MOFA assisting in search for ROC national abducted in Malaysia

Background Information No. 112

Two Republic of China (Taiwan) citizens were assaulted by an unknown person or persons at the Pom Pom Island Resort, located off Semporna City in Malaysia’s Sabah State. The victims were a Mr. Hsu and a Ms. Chang; the former was killed and the latter abducted. Ms. Chang’s current whereabouts are unknown. After being notified of the attack by local authorities, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Malaysia began working with the Malaysian police and related agencies to ascertain the facts of the case and confirm the identities of Mr. Hsu and Ms. Chang. It then contacted the Malaysian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance. TECO also sent personnel to the site on the evening of November 15 to assist local authorities handling the case.

After being notified, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs contacted the victims’ families, expressing condolences and explaining its handling of the case. MOFA offered to assist the families in dealing with related affairs, and pledged that it would urge the Malaysian authorities to find the perpetrators and ascertain the whereabouts of Ms. Chang as soon as possible.

MOFA and TECO will continue to monitor this case as it progresses, and work with the Malaysian authorities to gain Ms. Chang’s release at the earliest possible date. (E)


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