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Ministry of Foreign Affairs releases short film ‘Riding the Wind’, on Taiwan’s implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

November 25, 2019
No. 87

In order to galvanize friendly voices in the international community to call for Taiwan’s participation at this year’s UNFCCC Conference of Parties, which will open on December 2 in Madrid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs published the short film ‘Riding the Wind’ on November 25. The video concerns Taiwan’s landmark construction of its first offshore wind farm, explaining that Taiwan not only shares the objectives of the UNFCCC, but also putting them into practice, and that Taiwan is fully implementing the reduction of global carbon emissions. The video is subtitled in 10 languages, Mandarin, English, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian and Russian, and is now live and being broadcasted around the world.

The film starts with a narration describing how the earth has provided the resources which have fueled the development of human civilization, and how the demand for power amid this development has exacted a heavy toll on the environment. Given the global climate challenges we face, as a responsible global stakeholder, Taiwan must make choices that will ensure sustainable development for future generations. The film also includes the perspectives of two people who work with the subject of the sea and wind, in documentary style, pointing to the pioneering role Taiwan has taken in Asia in terms of wind power. The overlapping images of green energy and scenes from life represent how humans can flourish in harmony with nature, and how energy transition isn’t just a global trend, but also a sign of Taiwan’s action to protect the environment going forward.

MOFA welcomes to watch the short film on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Trending Taiwan YouTube channel, the Trending Taiwan Facebook page, the MOFA Facebook page or the MOFA Taiwan Instagram account. (E)

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