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Strengthened partnership between EU and African Union

The leaders are expected to discuss how the two unions can work together to address common challenges and create greater prosperity. Part of the focus will be on an ambitious investment package based on opportunities and challenges in a number of areas, not least climate change and the ongoing health crisis. The summit will also deal with tools and solutions aimed at promoting peace and security. 

The Government considers that human rights, gender equality and women’s rights, like all other aspects of the rule of law and democracy, should be in focus when a stronger partnership with Africa is built. This establishes the actual foundations for achieving success in both peace and security, and in investments and growth. The Government also attaches great importance to a green transition focused on the climate and to the health package to be adopted at the summit. 

Together with leading experts, the heads of state and government will participate in two thematic roundtable talks.

These roundtable talks cover the following themes:

  • growth financing
  • health systems and vaccine production
  • agriculture and sustainable development
  • education, culture and vocational training, migration and mobility
  • private sector support and economic integration
  • peace, security and governance
  • climate change and energy transition, digital and transport

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson will participate in roundtable discussions on growth funding and on education, culture, migration and mobility.

The declaration will guide the partnership between the EU and AU in the coming years. The declaration will include a number of annexes reflecting the themes of the roundtable discussions. 

The most recent EU–AU summit took place in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire in 2017.


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