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Strategic Compass on the agenda at the EU Foreign Affairs Council

The defence and foreign affairs ministers held a joint meeting on 15 November to discuss the first draft of the EU Strategic Compass. The Strategic Compass will contribute to specifying the strategic direction of EU security and defence policy cooperation, and Sweden supports developing the early strategic direction of European security and defence cooperation.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell opened the defence ministers’ meeting on 16 November by informing the meeting about current security and defence policy issues, work with the Community initiative concerning the restructuring of the fisheries sector, military mobility and future development of EU-coordinated presence at sea, the Coordinate Maritime Presence.

“The prevailing security policy situation around the world underscores the need for a strong EU that contributes to the promotion of peace and security in our part of the world and globally,” says Peter Hultqvist.

EU military training missions were also discussed during the meeting. Sweden takes part in EU military training missions in Mali, Somalia and the Central African Republic, missions which are key in light of the continually challenging security situation in the countries concerned. An EU military training and advisory mission in Ukraine was also discussed – a proposal that Sweden supports.

The defence ministers’ meeting, like the foreign ministers’ meeting, discussed the serious situation on the EU border with Belarus.

In connection with the ministerial council meeting, a board meeting of the European Defence Agency and a working lunch with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg were held. At the lunch, the ministers discussed EU-NATO cooperation and how the two organisations can collaborate to build social resilience to threats.


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