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Inquiry on Sweden’s intercountry adoption activities

“The best interests of the child and the child’s rights are the starting point for an intercountry adoption. The central government must guarantee as far as possible that every adoption takes place in a legal and ethical manner, and that the best interests of the child and legal certainty are ensured at every stage of the adoption process,” says Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren.

The purpose of the inquiry is to shed light on the occurrence of potential irregularities in Sweden’s intercountry adoption activities, and how the Government, relevant government agencies, municipalities, authorised associations, non-profit organisations and other private actors acted and reacted to potential irregularities, based on each actor’s responsibilities and role.

The various experiences of adoption can affect adopted children throughout the different stages of their lives. As a result of various life events, an adopted child may therefore be in need of tailored, adoption-specific support. The inquiry will investigate the need for adoption-specific support and propose which assistance and support activities should be offered.

The inquiry’s lessons learned should provide guidance for the development of Sweden’s intercountry adoption activities by proposing how current regulatory frameworks, organisational arrangements and processes can be revamped and reinforced with the aim of further strengthening the perspective of the rights of the child and legal certainty. The inquiry will present its report by 7 November 2023.


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