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Government Increases Funding for the University of Gothenburg’s Anti-Semitism Combat Initiatives

The government announces an increase in funding for the University of Gothenburg, specifically through the Segerstedt Institute, which is renowned for disseminating knowledge and efficient anti-Semitism methodologies, in response to rising global developments. In order to further support these initiatives, the government has set aside an additional SEK 1 million for the current fiscal year and plans to do so in 2024.

The Segerstedt Institute, which houses the University of Gothenburg, has been in charge of disseminating information and practices designed to lessen the recruitment of people into racist organizations, movements, and violent ideologies since 2015. The university was also tasked with raising awareness of effective antisemitism strategies in early 2023, particularly among influential individuals like teachers and school administrators who were involved in the fight against it among children and young people. For this purpose, the government initially gave the university SEK 500,000 with a 2024 commitment to the same amount.

The government has now pledged an additional SEK 1 million for 2023, building on the initial allocation of 500, 000. The government wants to increase funding by an additional SEK 3 million in 2024, bringing the total toSEK 3.5 million, including the previously allotted sum, subject to Riksdag approval.

Antisemitism poses a serious and growing problem. The University of Gothenburg is crucial to preventative efforts thanks to the Segerstedt Institute’s pivotal efforts. The University was given the task of expanding its initiatives to spread knowledge about successful antisemitism strategies among children and young people earlier this year by the government. According to Mats Persson, the minister for education, we are currently launching a program to further strengthen these initiatives at the university.

By amending the appropriation instructions for the fiscal year 2023, section 2.64, the funding allocation decision will be formalized.

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