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Economic recovery and foreign affairs at EU Summit

COVID-19 coordination and migration

As in earlier meetings, the EU leaders will have a general discussion about COVID-19 vaccinations and the situation in the Member States and globally. The EU leaders will likely also undertake an initial discussion of what lessons can be learned from the COVID-19 crisis.

Some Member States have initiated a discussion on the external dimension of migration at the summit – in other words, how migration has been impacted by the situation in countries around the EU.

Turkey, Russia and other foreign affairs

The heads of state and government will discuss the situation in several countries and regions at the summit, including Turkey, Russia, Libya, Belarus and the Sahel region.

With respect to the situation in Russia, they will proceed based on the discussions at the last meeting of the European Council and the report that the EU institutions have since drafted. The EU leaders will also follow up on the discussions they held in May on the situation in Belarus, when they adopted a series of measures, including sanctions.

Economic recovery and Euro Summit

The heads of state and government will spend Friday discussing post-pandemic economic recovery in the EU. The discussion will likely focus on the Next Generation EU recovery instrument that they agreed on in July 2020. Almost all EU Member States have submitted draft recovery plans to the European Commission. Now several countries are awaiting the Commission’s decision on the allocation of loans and grants.

On Friday, a Euro Summit will also take place in an extended format. This means that EU Member States outside the euro area are welcome. The heads of state and government will discuss the banking union and the capital markets union.


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