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MOFA Spokesperson’s Statement on Japan’s Authorization of Textbooks

1. The Government of the Republic of Korea strongly protests against the Japanese government’s authorization on March 30 of textbooks that do not describe historical facts as they are, insisting on its self-centered view of history. The ROK government calls for an immediate correction.   2. Particularly, the ROK government cannot but deplore that the Japanese government once again authorized textbooks containing Japan’s preposterous claims over Dokdo, which is clearly an integral part of the Korean territory in terms of history, geography and international law, and strongly condemns it.   3. The ROK government also urges the Japanese government to precisely understand the nature of the issue of “comfort women,” a violation of human rights of women in wartime as well as a violation of universal human rights, and to teach relevant history based on the spirit of responsibility, apology and remorse expressed by the Japanese government itself.   4. As a correct understanding of history by the young generations who will shape the future should be the foundation for establishing constructive and future-oriented relations between Korea and Japan, the ROK government hopes that the Japanese government will show more responsible attitudes in educating its youth, while squarely facing history. Source

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