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Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan’s Written Reply to Parliamentary Questions on COVID-19 Vaccinations for Officers of Singapore’s Overseas Missions and Singaporeans Living Abroad



Mr Leon Perera: To ask the Minister for Foreign Affairs (a) whether and to what degree the staff working in Singapore’s overseas missions have obtained access to COVID-19 vaccinations; and (b) what support is provided to Singaporeans living abroad to gain access to COVID-19 vaccinations in countries where residents’ access to vaccinations is still limited.




          Officers posted to our Overseas Missions are frontline and essential services personnel who have been given access to COVID-19 vaccinations. Currently, we have 359 officers based overseas and only one has not yet received the vaccination. The officer will be returning in the next few weeks and will be fully vaccinated by November 2021.


2        On the second query, we are unable to conduct vaccination overseas for medical and legal reasons. Therefore, to the extent possible, MFA will seek the cooperation of foreign governments to extend their local vaccination programmes to Singaporeans overseas.


3        We are also exploring options to make it more convenient for overseas Singaporeans to be vaccinated when they return to Singapore. We just announced two dedicated vaccination options under which Singaporeans overseas can receive one dose of vaccination on transit in Singapore without serving the full Stay Home Notice (SHN). The Singaporean can then return to receive his second dose on transit again after the required dosing interval. The second option is for Singaporeans overseas to  receive their first dose of vaccination while serving SHN after their arrival in Singapore and the second dose post-SHN.



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