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The Mongolian film “Khukhoo” was shown in Irkutsk Oblast

Within the framework of the “Value of the Mongolian Nation” program and the “Mongolians of the World-2” project, the film “Khukhoo” was shown between March 14-16 in the “Dom Kino” cinema, Irkutsk History Museum and in the cinemas in Osinsky District, Buryatia. The feature film was created by Mongolian director J.Jamiansuren, based on the novel “Last Breath” by V.Rasputin, an Irkutsk native and well-known Russian writer.
The film illustrates one’s humanity and soul, sensitive family issues, family values, mother-child bond in a Mongolian household. It was well received by the public in Irkutsk Oblast, more than 250 people were present in the audience.


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