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The Government expands the list of unfriendly countries

In May 2021, similar restrictions were approved for the diplomatic offices of the United States and the Czech Republic. The list approved by the Government includes, apart from the above countries, also the number of private individuals residing in Russia with whom the diplomatic and consular missions of unfriendly countries may sign labour contracts.  For example, the limit is 34 people for Greece, 20 for Denmark and 16 for Slovakia. Slovenia and Croatia may not hire employees for their diplomatic and consular offices.Greece, Denmark, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia have been added to the list.Directive No. 1998-r of 20 July 2022The list approved by the Government is not final and can be expanded further in light of the continued hostile actions by foreign states against Russian representative offices abroad. The Executive Order restricts (including the imposition of a complete ban if necessary) the ability of unfriendly countries to hire people residing in Russia for their embassies, consulates and representative offices of their governments.The Government has updated the list of countries that have taken unfriendly actions towards Russian diplomatic and consular missions abroad.The directive has been adopted to ensure the implementation of the Presidential Executive Order No. 243 On Measures (Countermeasures) in Response to Unfriendly Actions of Foreign States, adopted on 23 April 2021.


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